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Second Life and Cisco Systems Real Business in Second Life

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Second Life and Cisco Systems, a fantastic article I came across I just had to share today. Cisco Systems has a few hundred employees in Second Life and even has their own Last Name!!

Cisco Systems regularly speaks with clients in Second Life and also do a lot of collaborating.

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I love the explanation this author wrote about Second Life in his article about Cisco Systems, "Second Life is a tool for holding three-dimensional visual conversations. Just as WebEx allows you to share PowerPoints over the Internet, Second Life allows you to build something you can look at from all angles, with multiple people who can discuss the object in realtime."

You can read the whole article about Second Life and Cisco Systems here:

Well, here we go with the Numbers! I hate to say that the naysayers are losing ground in my mind about the second life active members debate!

37545 NEW members in 24 hours. I am told I am wrong and if you count the correct 24 hours it is a record day of over 40,000 new members. So for all the naysayers that say it is only 10% of the numbers posted, that is still 4000 NEW members in a Day!!! Wow that is 120,000 in a month, or 1,440,000 in a year!!! And that is if the 10% is accurate, what if it is 20%!!!

Total Residents: 6,240,591
Logged In Last 60 Days: 1,715,793
Online Now: 21,532
US$ Spent Last 24h: $1,595,643
LindeX Activity Last 24h: $227,876

21,532 online, and this at 11:51pm PST!

For those not a resident yet, it is FREE to come and see what all the Buzz is about.

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You can learn more about INS and Second life from:

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Second Life is the hottest new real estate on the planet. Ok Well on a server. IBM, DELL, APPLE and many other companies have started to attract attention in Second Life. To get a FREE Second Life to see what it is all about:

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