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PowerPoint Slide Show Projector in Second Life

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INS has launched is first Second Life Tool, a PowerPoint Slide show projector.

After searching and searching and purchasing every PowerPoint slide show projector I could find in Second Life, we finally gave up and made our own.

What I find in Second Life is that even though it is an amazing Virtual World with Real Life business applications that are out of this world, the quality of gizmos and gadgets in Second Life can often leave a lot to be desired.

I found about 10 PowerPoint Slide Show Projectors that were Just about what I needed, but not a single one that covered all the bases for a Real business trying to operate with some information dissemination in Second Life.

So INS built its own PowerPoint Slide Show Projector with all the features needed by Real Business in Second Life.

Simple to Use

The INS Second Life Presentation Tool has been built to be very configurable and Simple to use. You do not need to know anything about LSL scripting language to use it. you will simply use .jpgs created in your PowerPoint or other presentation software to power it.

Text Chat Feature

You can add chat text to each presentation slide so extra explanation for each slide can be delivered through the text chat channel.

This can be particularly handy as it allows you to have a version with your actual presentation script attached to each slide as if someone was doing the presentation live for the person.

This feature gives you the best possible results without going to the next step of getting involved in Streaming Video into Second Life which can be quite a chore, and adds streaming server expense.

Timed or Touch

You can decide which way you want to have your presentation run by the person viewing it.

The viewer can control the timing by way of touching the presentation to change slides, or you can set an interval in the configuration card to have the slides change on a timed basis.

NoteCard Giving

One thing INS finds not done very well in Second Life that we advise clients to be sure not to copy is not enough ties back to your Real Life Website or business.

This feature allows you to Select a slide in your presentation that you would like to trigger the delivery of a Notecard that you can configure with whatever Second Life or Real Life message you wish to be delivered to the viewer.

You could give them a special offer, or simply your Contact details in Second Life or Outside Second Life.

Real Life Website Link

To carry on with the concept of connecting IN WORLD (people within Second Life) with REAL LIFE or RL (People or things outside of Second Life) our Powerpoint Second Life Slide Show Presentation tool allows you to set a slide number that will have an offer to link to a Real Life website to be served to your presentation viewer.

Once this popup happens in Second Life the viewer has the opportunity to simply click Yes to the offer and be taken in a new browser window to your RL website.

So there you have it the INS PowerPoint Slide Projector in Second Life. All this Real World business functionality for only L$1249, you can get it at our mall in Philudoria 208/181/42/ or soon on SL Exchange.

For those not a resident yet, it is FREE to come and see what all the Buzz is about.

Get Your Free account by clicking Here

You can learn more about INS and Second life from:

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