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Domino's in Second Life

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Domino's anyone?

As we strive to make our Second Life INS Campus "Sticky" we have been experimenting with some fun stuff.

Domino's are the flavour of the day. We now have a live dominos display where you can knock down the dominos in Second Life that are ligned up in a pattern to spell INS.

It is the darndest thing you have ever seen!

Don't have a Second Life yet? You gotta get one! You won't regret it and it is Fun and a model for business that is truly Not of this world!

Get a Second Life and come and see our Domino's Display.

Almost forgot, Todays Numbers are:

Second Life Time: 12:03 pm PDT
Total Residents: 6,047,217
Logged In Last 60 Days: 1,719,462
Online Now: 33,888


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