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Second Life Impossible to Profit with this GAME!

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Today I wanted to spend a little time to speak on the negative articles about Second Life and how impossible it is to make a profit from the "game".

First let's take a look at the numbers

Total Residents: 6,106,416
Logged In Last 60 Days: 1,624,434
Online Now: 39,258
US$ Spent Last 24h: $1,557,173
LindeX Activity Last 24h: $226,344

That is 30,196 more than Yesterdays blog entry. Yet even so, I hear the word "Game" a lot. Second Life is not a Game, it is Big Business.

Not able to profit? I disagree, I think the people writing such articles are missing the whole point of what Profit means.

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People seem to be hung up on making money selling clothes, land, advertising, and things in Second Life. This is a whole lot of fun for sure, and there are a few making Real Millions of dollars doing it, but again, while fun for person to do in their spare time, not really a focus for a Corporation.

IBM has made a substantial investment into Second life and has been heard to say it has over 200 employees actively involved in world. They even simulated the wimbleton tennis in world so you could watch the real action in the virtual world! Incredible.

They have also been rumoured to be looking to add the bringing of corporate clients into Second Life as a new division.

If you run the numbers on how major an impact this could have, the time is now to get involved.

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I digress, lets get back to profit!

I see profit as something that being involved with Second Life can help your company with, not directly by earning Linden Dollars in world by sitting on park benches, but in attracting a whole new audience to your products and services in a relaxed and entertaining way.

I see profit mostly coming from Second Life by combining Second Life with real life. By saving money on 1-800 support lines, by making support available in Second Life where it is more fun to wait around for live help. By making information available in world that is more fun to explore than a simple webpage, therefore gets people spending more time educating themselves about what it is you do.

I see profit coming from the ability to collaborate with business associates from far away all in one place, with a little more personality than a conference call or a web conference.

I see profit coming from selling your out of world goods, to the In world residents of
Second Life.

I see many ways to profit, far and beyond just simply making some Linden Dollars in world.

Combine the best of Second Life with the best of Real Life and there is a staggering potential for profit.

The funny part about it is, this is what I was preaching 10 years ago when everyone was setting up websites that ONLY did E-commerce thinking they were going to get rich. I was saying, you needed to take good offline business and combine it with good online business to see the real potential. Man, here we go again, Second Life is like a website on Steroids.

There is a lot to think about and strategize to effectively roll out a worthy second life presence. We can help.

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To get an idea of some things already being done in Second Life just think of this...

Dell currently allows you to order custom computers within Second Life. INS is working on making shopping cart interfaces from within Second Life to our Affiliate and MLM Software. This enables our clients to tap into real world income from Second Life Residents.

Imagine creating a help desk in Second Life. Instead of Muzak, your customers can go mill about in this cool virtual world, learning more about you while they wait to have their quesitons answered.

Lacoste had a virtual Modelling contest within Second Life to build its brand. Of course they connected it into their real world website for maximum benefit. It created an amazing buzz.

Simply being able to refer to your Second Life presence and knowledge can make you stand out from your competitors who haven't yet embraced this virtual paradise. On the flip side it can make you look like a dinasour if your competitors are doing it first!

You really owe it to yourself as a person and your company as an employee or executive to start getting up to speed on the value of Mega Inhabited Virtual worlds like Second Life.

For those not a resident yet, it is FREE to come and see what all the Buzz is about.

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You can learn more about INS and Second life from:

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