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Why Second Life Live Presentations are HORRIBLE!!!

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Some Second Life Live Presentations are simply abominably HORRIBLE! Is that even a word? Anyway, you get the picture! Why is this? Why would real world Business People ever hang around such terrible presentations?

The truth is unless they are like us and learning our way through the ins and outs of Second Life, THEY WOULDN'T!!

Now for the Good News!

We have attended quite a few Presentations ranging in topics from LSL Scripting to Product Demos, to General Second Life Help sessions.

The Verdict?

50% were terrible to the point of not just our Avatar going to sleep, but literally us going to sleep too!

50% were Wonderful, informative, succinct! We loved them!

Whats the Difference?

We have found 3 major differences between HORRIBLE or bad Live Presentations, and Amazing or Good Live Presentations in Second Life.

The first is people who have a PowerPoint Presentation to back up their topics vs. those who just wing it! Those who wing it seem to be disorganized, and not following anything in particular so it gets painfully boring to be there!

The second is scripted presentations. Typically the most enjoyable presentations appear to have been scripted. By scripted, we mean still live people standing on stage in front of their PowerPoint presentation, but instead of watching them type furiously what they want to say, they are obviously cutting and pasting from a Master Document. BRILLIANT! Everyone should do this!

The third is crowd control! The best presentations keep interactivity, but very limited interactivity with lots of cut and pasting of, "Can you keep your questions for the end, so we can get through the material please!" Then when the question and answer happens, again it appears the moderator has a cut and paste capability with many of the more common anticipated issues/questions.

HORRIBLE Live Presetations unfortunately overtake GREAT Live presentations in Second Life by about 4 to 1. Here is hoping these simple tips can help people obtain the REAL BUSINESS results they are looking for in Second Life.

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The Second Life Numbers continue to Grow and Grow

Total Residents: 6,674,221
Logged In Last 60 Days: 1,738,345
Online Now: 37,419
US$ Spent Last 24h: $1,451,463
LindeX Activity Last 24h: $207,226

That is an average of 22,852 NEW residents since I last wrote almost 7 days ago! I regularly see almost 40,000 simultaneous users IN World at the same time now. It used to unusual to see that many in and only happened once in a while!

For those not a resident yet, it is FREE to come and see what all the Buzz is about.

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