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Second Life MLM?

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Well it was bound to happen.

An MLM Company has added a product package to support Second Life. You can't keep something this hot in a box for long when it can benefit MLM and the business community at large so much.

It looks a little bit rough right now, but pretty cool idea. I am guessing it will come together over a little time.

Their whole point is to support MLM distributors and Small or Medium business owners to build their own businesses with the use of their promotional items and know how. They must see what I see!

What has happened is this existing MLM company has added in a product package that benefits any company, or person in MLM that wants to get involved with a presence in Second Life.

They also have all their own products like FREE BlackBerry Certificates and FREE XM Radio offers along with travel incentives.

You can check it out see if it can save you some money or time in setting up your own Second Life Presence at:

Now the numbers!

Total Residents: 6,175,924
Logged In Last 60 Days: 1,624,434
Online Now: 22,968
US$ Spent Last 24h: $1,595,455
LindeX Activity Last 24h: $219,002

55 Hours since our last blog entry and 69,508 new residents! So lets see, that is 30,220 per day!!

The growth astounds me every time. The opportunity to be a part of the next rendition of the internet is simply exciting.

We are going wild with ideas on how to help the business community at large stake their claim in this wilderness called Second Life.

Ins Watanabe

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