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Servers for Japan Market

Permalink 06/08/04 16:33, by rick, Categories: Australia

Wow, what an amazing time...

We are all flat out working on the new MLM Software systems for Next Step Japan, and due to the really slow connections from Japan to the rest of the world, we are setting up some new servers to be hosted in Japan.

Dual Xeon precessors, heaps of memory and oodles of redundant hard drive space should see us through the next year or two! We have arranged space in one of the data centres run by Japans biggest telco's, so we are in good company. Hermitically sealed building, space age security system, amazing climate-control system, the latest anti-earthquake technology... all put together just for our servers! ;-)

As part of our expansion into Japan, we are now looking at offering co-location services as well as virtual hosting to Western companies looking at expanding their web presence into Japan. Now North American or Australian companies can have a local server in Japan without the need to read or write in Japanese! With the spped of the web into and out of Japan, this option is very enticing to companies with a Japanese market for their product.

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New Server setup & Migration

Permalink 04/26/04 22:19, by rick, Categories: Programming

The server has arrived, and is now online ready to start work. We are using Ensim Pro web hosting software, but they certainly don't make it easy to migrate to a new server. And their support! Wow, $50 to ask a question, and they don't even back it up with a very helpful FAQ! At least our MLM Software has a comprehensive support system, and it doesn't allow charging for support... hmmm - maybe that's a feature we could add for those companies who care more about profit than actually caring about their customers!

Anyway, I have paid the money and asked for some help - we'll see how far $50 gets these days!


Oh well, $50 down the drain... DO NOT EVER USE ENSIM! Their service SUCKS!
We have uninstalled Ensim from our servers in favour of the new Plesk software : www.plesk.com Very nice automation software, and their customer service and tech support is actually quite good.

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Do you backup?

Permalink 04/21/04 18:56, by rick, Categories: Programming

A friend emailed me a "Filemaker Pro" data file that apparently has been corrupted along the way somewhere, with a plea "HELP! This file contains the last year of my life!"

I cannot believe someone could put their trust into a single file without a backup for a year! Anyway...

I remember not so long ago when a corrupt file was not such a big deal - you could attack it with a sector editor and put the bits back together that still exist, and at least you could save most, if not all. Nowadays, with all the forms of data storage, utilities like that are very rare as they have to deal with so many different file systems.

Which only highlights the need for at least a rudimentary backup system, something like monthly copies to CD of your MyDocs directory!

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Creation of a new server

Permalink 04/19/04 20:41, by rick, Categories: Australia

...and I thought it was going to be easy!

We now have a state-of-the-art dual Xeon 4Gb Ram web server to augment our current lineup. All the software has been installed and configured, and the box has been neatly packed into it's shipping container ready to wing it's way to North America where it is to spend the rest of it's life.

We have outgrown our current servers, so this new beast should make life a bit easier, not to mention faster response times for our clients. Wow this thing can really fly!

Now we just have to migrate some systems over to the new server once it is connected - something to look forward to ;-)

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YAY Holidays!

Permalink 04/18/04 15:47, by rick, Categories: Fun

So, holidays over again, and back to work.

I had a wonderful (almost) relaxing week away at a tiny beach resort in Northern New South Wales called "Cabarita Beach". The kids had a wonderful time meeting new friends (as only kids can do so easily) and playing in the pool, not to mention the resort's games room.

We did a few 4WD treks through the "mountains" (hills?) and enjoyed the local scenery, including a waterfall and a few nature walks. The kids especially enjoyed a place called "The Crystal Palace" where they sell semi-precious stones and crystals (funnily enough!).

So, here I am back at my desk, and have discovered the joys of blogging... I have a busy week ahead of me, catching up from the week away (even though I managed to keep on top of the email pile and commission plan emergencies via the trusty laptop and a very slooooow modem connection from the resort! - boy are we spoilt with broadband connections! I would hate to think how we would survive now back in the old days of dialup!!!)

Anyway, time to actually do some work!

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