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Wow, what an amazing time...

We are all flat out working on the new MLM Software systems for Next Step Japan, and due to the really slow connections from Japan to the rest of the world, we are setting up some new servers to be hosted in Japan.

Dual Xeon precessors, heaps of memory and oodles of redundant hard drive space should see us through the next year or two! We have arranged space in one of the data centres run by Japans biggest telco's, so we are in good company. Hermitically sealed building, space age security system, amazing climate-control system, the latest anti-earthquake technology... all put together just for our servers! ;-)

As part of our expansion into Japan, we are now looking at offering co-location services as well as virtual hosting to Western companies looking at expanding their web presence into Japan. Now North American or Australian companies can have a local server in Japan without the need to read or write in Japanese! With the spped of the web into and out of Japan, this option is very enticing to companies with a Japanese market for their product.

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