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Old Bitron NewsFlash did you know the Ugly Truth about the Old Bitron products?

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Bitron? Ugly Little Secrets? You mean Bitron that amazing line of automotive additives N/A/T/O International sold as Bitron a number of years back in Vancouver and all over Canada and Australia?

Yep, sad but true, Bitron does have an ugly secret. A secret so deep not even the Owner of N/A/T/O knew it. Once he found out he set out to fix it.

That mission is in phase 2. EcoPower is even better and now it is 100% biodegradeable. If you loved the Old bitron, you are going to absolutely be beside yourself with this new super lubricant and automotive additive called Eco-power. EcoPower comes with a 10% better fuel efficency Guaranteed or your money back Guarantee!

Have old Bitron laying around? or Bi-tron? Take us up on our 2 for 1 exchange program. buy a bottle of the new, send in a bottle of any version of the old, and we will ship you 2 bottles for the price of one! Up to 1 bottle of each as our way of enticing you to try EcoPower! We know once you have tried EcoPower, you will never look back, and you will never let your car operate without EcoPower

Why do I write this in our MLM Software blog? A blatant ad for Ecopower? Well we support our clients and help them get into the search engines as part of our MLM Software service.

The reason I make a blatant plug on this product is that EcoPower as it is known is being sold just regular internet sales, with a Non Cash Carbon Affiliates Rewards program on our MLM Software infrastructure.

The other reason I write about EcoPower in our Blog is this client who owns the world wide trademarks to the EcoPower product is interested in private label sales as well. You can express your interest in EcoPower by emailing them at if that sounds of interest.

If you just would like to get some EcoPower, goto or read more about the dirty little secret of the original bitron at

You can become an Affiliate for FREE to earn great free product rewards for referring the new EcoPower or even earn a Toyota Prius! Just go to the EcoPower site at: and select the FREE carbon affiliates program product. No credit card necessary to get your hands on the ability to earn free EcoPower! to become an affiliate!

Ecopower an amazing product. Insist on EcoPower the re-engineered cheaper, better and much more amazing with a 10% fuel efficiency gain or your Money Back Guarantee super lubricant and automotive additive! to learn more about what happened to Bitron or to become an affiliate for EcoPower

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