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MLM Help Desk software stops MLM Member Cheating

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MLM Help Desk software and/or Automated FAQ Software Integrated with your Distributor CRM functions will stop your Cheating Members in their tracks!

Please don't get me wrong, I am not saying all MLM Members are cheaters! As you may or may not know yet, MLM Members can be a rather selfish, needy and pushy group. They have to be, their livelyhoods depend on your MLM company performance, that said at times it can be taken a little too far.

If you don't believe it to be true, you already run an MLM Company with a good MLM Software package, let me pose this question to you, "When was the last time a Member reported they may have beeen OVERPAID to you?" Ok, so now how often do they complain you have underpaid them?

So what do I mean about "cheating"? Let's consider our term "cheating" to be the same strength as the term "white lie".

Let us consider a very very large MLM Company we used to be associated with.(we will not name names, but it is a Major USA based MLM) If you can believe it even at their size of over $500,000,000 in sales, they never had very good MLM Software system, as of now I am not certain. They did have excellent products, and great support and help, as well as a very liberal return/exchange policy, but frankly their MLM systems left a lot to be desired.

At this company if we got a product we didn't like, or was a mistake of color or for whatever reason you wanted to exchange or return it, we would just call the company to arrange the exchange. The real rules were you needed to send the bad, broken, or wrong one back, and they would ship out a new one. Due to them not having an integrated MLM Help Desk and MLM Distributor CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, all you had to do was call and call until you got a CSR (Customer Service Representative) that was kind, or not trained properly, and they would agree to simply send out the new one, not asking for the old one to be returned.

There are a few reasons this was possible. The first is that this company had no tracking on who called in and who answered and what was said. So this is the MLM Distributor CRM functionality we are talking about. If they had this, they would have known by the second call, that a member had called in and support had told them to send in the old and agreed to send out the new. The member calling a second time with the same question would have been almost embarassing to the member, and only likely to happen one time. This alone would have saved a fortune in support cost. Sometime members would call 14 or 15 times to find the CSR who would do as asked, instead of the CSR who followed the rules of the company.

Having a good MLM Distributor CRM only part of it. In todays world, members prefer to do things online and by email, vs calling in. Having a proper MLM Help Desk and automated FAQ system would help to bolt this bad behaviour down even better. The INS MLM Help Desk would have a CSR answer the member telling them to send in the old and then the company would send out the new. The second the CSR used the HELP desk to answer the question, the answer would have been instantly emailed to the member, AS WELL as sent as a message to the members MLM Back office. The next login, the member would be forced to AGREE they read the answer in order to access any further MLM Back office features.

AT THE SAME TIME, the message would be posted to the MLM Distributor CRM so if the member decided to then phone in as they didn't like the answer, the CSR answering the call would immediately see the answer given to the member by the MLM Help Desk and be able to re-iterate the SAME answer. Once again likely to only happen one time, as once the member knew the CSR's all new what was going on whether the contact came by phone or MLM FAQ Help Desk enquirey, the company new, they would feel foolish asking the same question two times.

FINALLY, the same question and answer if generic, could be automatically added to the MLM Automated FAQ system so future members could find the answer themselves VS. using corporate resources calling in to ask.

If your MLM Software is fully featured it simply must contain an Integrated MLM Help Desk system of some sort. The INS MLM software has a highly integrated help desk/support system to look after your members with the minimal of man power.

One of our clients has the president actually answering all the support questions that come in from a 10,000 person organization single handedly using our Automated FAQ system.

Let us now take a look a little close as to how the MLM Help Desk System actually works in the INS MLM Software.

Imagine that your members ONLY send support queries from the support query form. No more unknown emails. You now know where every support query came from, and notes and tracking are kept all in the MLM Distributor CRM.

In fact, in order to get maximum efficiency out of your support team, INS strongly suggests NOT having a support email at all. We also recommend putting an autoresponder on your actual reply email(which we recommend to be that just pushes people back to the MLM Help Desk and FAQ for questions.

Now, imagine that you never lose a member question again, as they all go into a list of MLM Support Tickets, patiently waiting to be answered by your support team, in the Time Stamp order received.

Once your CSR goes to send the answer to a questions, they are faced with a number of things they can have happen on sending of the answer of the ticket to the member.

First, your CSR's name is attached to the support query so you know down the road who answered the question. The CSR can decide to have the system send an email to the member, AND/OR post the question and answer to the members MLM Back Office, AND/OR post the answer to the MLM Distributor CRM and finally decide if the Question and Answer are generic and would be helpful to others, and if so, POST the question and answer to the MLM Automated FAQ list.

The CSR can determine the category for the FAQ as well as whether the FAQ is applicable to prospects, members, or even only administrators.

The CSR does have control of the content of the email to personalize it AS WELL AS specify out the exact Question and Answer to the asked question for submission to the MLM Automated FAQ.

If they are a senior CSR, the answer will go to the member immediately, and be posted to the FAQ for all to see as well.

If they are not set as senior CSR access in the system, the email will still go in real time, however you won't damage your entire membership with incorrect information by accident, as the FAQ will need to be approved by a Senior CSR before going public.

If you use the MLM Help Desk and MLM Automated FAQ properly, it will make training of support staff really really easy! The reason why if all system or Admin corporate related questions also go through the FAQ system, a record of the questions and anwers gets built so new employees can look to the Admin FAQ for an answer before calling on a senior employee for help. Think of the labour and training savings that could generate!

Once the member recieves the answer by email, or notices it on their next login to the MLM Members Back office, they will have to acknowledge reading the answer in order to do anything else in the members lounge. Then when they read and acknowledged it is tracked in the system along with the IP address they were on when reading it and the exact time and date. They can never come back to you to say they never got the information!

The next time a CSR brings up the members record in the MLM Distributor CRM, they will see the question and answer already attached to this members records. This allows for all things relating to a member to be held in one convenient space to see. Any of your telephone support people can have instant access to all information related to a member all in REAL TIME! This prevents a member from polling different support people with the same question until they get the answer they are looking for. Another HUGE TIME SAVER! "Cheating", "White Lies" Stopped DEAD!

So hopefully you can see how a good MLM Automated FAQ and an MLM Help Desk system is essential in allow your geometric growth to be something you can handle without needing to geometrically increase your staff and headaches!

Check out our actual website for more details on the MLM Help Desk here:

Wishing you great success with your MLM Software Consulting Ltd.
Your MLM Software Experts

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