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MLM Personal Account and MLM E-wallet

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About 15 years ago INS MLM Software envisioned a better way to handle payments and created what we call the MLM Personal Account, now often called an MLM E-wallet, allowing members better control of their earnings and companies significantly higher profitability by using it.

So where did it come from?

Long ago when Dennis Wilson was a distributor in a company called which was kind of a Skybiz knock off he built a very large team in Japan.

One day while doing a presentation for 300 people in Osaka he saw one of the most interesting, scary and exciting things happen.

After 45 minutes of everybody being totally quiet and expressionless (those who have built teams in Japan know what I am talking about) the presentation was over and I thought I was a perfect FAILURE as nobody appeared interested at all.

Then as the leader I was doing the presentation for came on stage and suggested it was time for those who wish to get involved to go to the back of the room and see the helpers there to get started, almost everyone formed very neat and orderly lines.

295 of 300 signed up ON PAPER (it was a total online company....)

Problem, they all paid CASH!!

Now at the time, that leader I did the presentation for was making considerable commissions.

Keep in mind, I was just a Networker, I did NOT represent the company, though I was the top earner and had a very good relationship with them.

I asked him what were we going to do with all the cash, 295 x $500 = $147,500!!!!!!!!!!

He said no problem, we will just wire transfer it to the company in the morning and fax them all the applications... as he walked out of the room with a duffle bag full of cash and applications..

Without getting into the logistical nightmare of Japanese applications being sent to a company that had no staff to handle such a thing, suffice to say I worked it all out, $147,500 in sales seemed to smooth over the company concerns...

I thought there had to be a better way...

The Personal Account System was one of the first advanced features we built into OUR MLM Software when we started, all based upon that amazing experience.

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