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MLM Software Buy, Build, Open Source, Rent, or even Steal....?

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Ok we are kidding on the Steal part, but we have seen it happen! We have even been asked to "Fix" stolen MLM Software! (we politely declined)

The world of MLM software is a confusing one. Do you buy someones MLM software? Do you put a team together in house to build your own MLM Software? Do you try to source an open source MLM software package to keep costs down. Do you try to buy the cheapest MLM Software you can find to prove your concept then hope to upgrade to something more robust as you need it?

It is a tough decision but one that is very difficult to make if you only consider the MLM software price as a result of under capitalization.

We see so many clients make the same 2 primary mistakes when it comes to MLM Software. The first is buying the cheapest, and the second is trying to do it in house, thinking it will save them money, or be faster.

Buying the cheapest is just fine as long as your MLM company never gets going. Most cheap MLM software packages will work enough to get you into trouble, then as you approach as few as a couple of hundred members, begin to fail. If you plan for this all along, you may make it through an expensive MLM Software migration (often more than the cost of the deposit on an enterprise MLM Software platform) to a stable scalable MLM Software platform like the MLM Software platform without trouble, but likely not.

We at INS consider ourselves to be very experienced and good at what we do in the world of MLM Software. We have launched over 400 clients and counting on our MLM Software platform as of the writing of this article. That said, we save about 50% of MLM Companies that come to us looking to "upgrade" their failing home built or inexpensively purchased MLM Software. Often they leave it too long, trying to convince themselves it isn't their inexpensive or home built MLM Software that is failing, and as a result the members are frustrated and do not get back to work after the MLM Software transition is complete. We see this situation about 1 time per month, it makes us very sad, but it is hard to explain this in the sales process without it coming off as a sales pitch.

The next major mistake that often causes an MLM company to fail is the trying to build it yourself method of MLM Software.

INS has spent the last 12 years and over $5,000,000 developing its MLM Software. We know that any of the Enterprise level, Scalable, Major MLM Software providers out there have spent at least as much developing their MLM Software platforms as well. There is a reason for this, and it isn't due to us all not knowing what we are doing or not using India for outsourcing that causes it to cost this much. That said, if it has cost us that much, how do new MLM Companies think they can build MLM Software in house with 2 guys (usually proclaimed software Gurus and using "open source" projects as a starting point like OS commerce shopping cart, and Joomla front end supposedly the reason it can all be done so cheap!) a viable MLM Software platform in 3 months?

Worst yet, how do potential MLM Software clients get convinced by a regular software company they can build you MLM Software that all the major scalable MLM Software platforms invested millions of dollars in and hundreds of man years, for a few thousand dollars and in 3 months? We think it is just wishful thinking, and again are so sad to see how many clients come to us after losing their first $5000, $10,000, $20,000 or more asking us to help save them from their MLM Software nightmare.

The part that hurts the most, is every MLM Company that fails due to poor MLM Software leaves hundreds if not thousands of regular people disappointed and disillusioned with the wonderful MLM Industry. We wish we could educate in a manner to NOT sound like a sales pitch, and this is what this rather long article is hoping to do. Likely reader comments will let us know if we succeeded!

We think the main issue is when shopping for MLM Software, potential MLM Company owners miss the main point in what they are looking for. Scalability! As important or even MORE important as the MLM Softwares feature set is Scalability and Security.

Can the MLM Software you are purchasing or building handle your rapid growth?

Once again, if you never get over a few hundred members it will not matter what MLM Software you use or build. When you get to 10,000 members it matters quite a bit, when you get to 100,000 members it matters a lot, and when you get to 1,000,000 members, almost nothing is more important than these things.

Think of Twitter and Facebook. Both have been plagued at different times in their evolution with service outage due to too many people accessing the systems at the same time. This is FACEBOOK, more money than some small countries, and more brain power employed too! They still have scalability issues! Scalability issues are not the fault of bad programmers or bad software, they are more an issue with not being able to gain visibility far enough out without experience and real life usage patterns.

The point is, as you grow, is your MLM Software vendor there to follow through? Do they have the knowledge and skills to keep you alive in Momentum? Have you paid them enough or does their Service agreement allow for them to make enough to not go out of business on thier first major client? Is that client potentially you?

The last thing you want is your MLM Software falling over as you get 1000 members trying to signup in an hour. Utopia and the end of the world all at once.

A final issue a lot of potential MLM Software purchasers miss is the importance of a "hardened" system. Anybody can slap together a simple internet based software system in MySQL and PHP these days. The question is how safe is it, and how many confusing error messages will it throw when your MLM Members do unexpected things.

Any enterprise MLM System has had thousands of minor bug fixes, or error messages, or data validation changes done to ensure smooth scalable operation that have come about from hundreds of thousands of members signing up and giving the MLM software a workout. Things as simple as do your phone number include - or . and has your code been built to handle this. What happens when a member puts a number in their first name, does your software break or display an error message explaining what they have done wrong? How about a letter in their phone number? How about an invalid USA zip code?

These are things home grown software just can't do initially as it is built as they take time and money to do. They say for every line of code written that adds functionality, there is 10 lines of error checking and documentation to be written. That is the stuff that is left out when someone has underquoted a project, or your in house developers are being pushed wtih a deadline. Sure it doesn't hurt you on opening day, but all part of what causes a complete failure when the system is slammed wtih too much volume and members doing what they always do, the Unexpected!

It takes time and it is very costly to get to a hardened system that will protect your data and ensure member satisfaction as you hit the all coveted MOMENTUM phase of your MLM Company.

The interesting thing is just how cost effective the Enterprise Hosted MLM Software Solutions are in the MLM software marketplace. You get MILLIONS of dollars worth of programming, the experience of hundreds if not thousands of previous MLM Software clients, and MILLIONS of members experiences (and all the unexpected things they may do) all wrapped up in a nice neat bundle with Internet based Hosted MLM Software.

As a result, you get a massive feature set, that is hardened, scalable, and has the experience of hundreds of great MLM companies and members behind it, for less than the cost of building out a professionally designed content rich website!

The biggest issue of all in the MLM Industry today is potential MLM Software clients who are just plain undercapitalized. The MLM Software is a major cost to any MLM Company for sure, but Inventory, Formulations, Legal, warehouse, logistics, support staff and many other things make even the expensive MLM Software companies prices seem small.

Try not try to start an MLM Company lacking capital, there are way to many things that can topple you should you be short on cash. We see it time and time again. Bring together a few investors so you can start with enough money to have a fighting chance and not make important decisions like your MLM Software based on cash available.

All that money talk may have you worried, but rest assured the INS Enterprise platform has a Share in the Risk pricing plan to help you get into proper scalable MLM Software for cheaper than you can build it yourself, and certainly cheaper than the cost of migrating later. Contact us for details! Request Pricing Click Here

We do wish you well in your MLM Startup, or Migration to a more robust MLM Software platform, and are happy to help should you need us. Consulting Ltd.
Your MLM software Experts

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