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MLM Software - MLM Coupon Engine not Just for Saving Members Money anymore

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With completing its MLM Coupon engine, kind of like an MLM Groupon concept, an MLM Coupon engine is not just for saving MLM members Money anymore.

The MLM Coupon module, can now be combined with the MLM Software INS sells to create a powerful new Virtual product for supplementing your business opportunity.

While the MLM coupon engine can work as a standalone product, much like our MLM Auction Module, it is more likely better used in conjunction with other products to power your MLM whether virtual or not.

Imagine being able to KEEP the breakage on the Coupons that aren't redeemed and share it wtih the members as commissions. Can you imagine what the breakage on the coupons is with Groupon? One of our clients runs a car wash and he did a very successful Groupon, and said only about 35% EVER REDEEMED! This means even though he discounted his coupon to be 50% of normal price AND groupon kept 50% of the value of the funds recieved, he still almost broke even on the coupon!

Imagine being able to have your members out their earning money for SELLING a coupon (or signing one up depending on how you structure it) and then also earning money on EVERY PERSON in their group who "BUYS" a coupon, all powered by the inherant breakage in the coupons!

Of course the other advantage of coupons is they are a phenomenal Virtual product, and coupled with the power of word of mouth that MLM offers saves the biggest cost currently killing Groupons revenues, ADVERTISING COSTS!

MLM Software by INS, more features, more value, come to see our Share in the Risk method of pricing Today.

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