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MLM Software Critical Feature #3 MLM Member Transfers Do you have them?

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So we have shared with you Critical Feature for MLM Software #1, the MLM Personal Account, then we shared with you MLM Software Critical Feature #2, the MLM Gift Certificate, now we want to share with you MLM Software Critical Feature #3, the MLM Inter-Member Transfer!

In todays global marketplace, it will not be long before any MLM Startup gets pressure from its members to go Global! In order to go Global, these 3 features are an absolute essential part of the MLM Software you need. The reason is, not everywhere in the world has such easy acceptance of Credit Cards as North America does. Even Japan a country we all like to think of very technology driven and modern, has less than 10% of sales paid by credit card from the MLM clients we have there.

This puts even more pressure to have advanced features like the MLM Personal Account System with MLM Gift Certificates and MLM Inter-Member Transfers.

So now you have learned a bit about the advantages of going to an MLM Personal Account system instead of a weekly or monthly check cutting or debit card loading system. You have also learned the advantages of having MLM Gift Certificates available to your members to prevent charge backs and help your members with enrolling members who do not have credit cards.

Now the final piece of the puzzle. Lets say one of your members uses an MLM gift certificate to enroll a person, which is really great. What happens when that new members autoship is due? They do not have a credit card on file with you. Well, this is where MLM Software Critical Feature #3, the final piece of earning more money with our MLM Software comes in.

MLM Inter-Member Transfers.

Your members can transfer funds from their MLM Personal Account to any other members MLM Personal Account. So they will collect money from the new member ON THEIR OWN, their OWN preferred payment method (by paypal, cash, egold, or whatever other payment methods they prefer) and they will send that member an MLM Inter-Member transfer. This will just put money into the MLM Personal Account of the new member. The new members autoship can be set to come from thier MLM Personal Account if funds are available so the new member will be qualified for commissions, and the MLM Company will have ZERO chargeback risk on the transaction, and pay ZERO transaction fees to Visa, and earn its own mandated SERVICE FEE should it desire.

One of the biggest advantages of this method is the company no longer needs to deal with Paypal, Egold Intgold, SolidTrustPay, AlertPay, StormPay, or any other 3rd party payment system out there that your membership demands is the best thing going and "Everybody is using it".

Better yet, notice on this list, less than 1/2 of them still exist!! This means you don't get stuck without a huge chunk of revenue when a third party processor bites the bullet.

You can also set a service fee for an MLM InterMember transfer which makes you money, in addition to saving you the credit card discount fee and mess and cost of dealing with chargebacks.

Now looking at MLM Personal Account systems, MLM Gift Certificates, and MLM Inter-Member transfers, you can see how's MLM Software can really make your business money in addition to saving you support labour, credit card discount fees, etc.

Better yet, the float you end up with can be higher than 50% of your commission payout due to members choosing to leave their funds behind to pay for their next autoship, or signup their next leader using a gift certificate! Imagine millions of dollars left in your account voluntarily by your members and you can earn interest on it!

The INS MLM Software includes the ability to take advantage of all our Cutting Edge Money Making features and make you the most money on your MLM Software investment. Who knew MLM Software could create such a large ROI!

For further information, check out our website regarding MLM Personal Account and MLM Gift Certificates, and MLM Inter-Member Transfers at: Consulting Ltd.
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