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MLM Software Feature Alert - Rotating Autoship

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INS MLM Software has just completed a fantastic new feature for our MLM Autoship Engine.

The MLM Software Feature is a Rotating Autoship Function.

Rather than your members needing to go on MLM Autoship for the same MLM Product or MLM Service every single month, this INS MLM Software Feature allows them to select a number of items to rotate through on a monthly basis with their MLM Autoship.

This can help to significantly reduce the perception of forcing your MLM Members into a position of Garage Qualifying or Closet Qualifying when your MLM is made up of products that work together, but can not be easily consumed in a month due to packaging.

So for example, lets say you sell Skin Care.

Your Skin care is a very premium MLM Product. As a result of it being a premium MLM Product you have two issues.

The first and biggest issue is that the overall MLM Product consistes of 3 different bottles used together as a Skin Care System. For packaging and value reasons, it is not practical to make each bottle only contain a single months supply of the product. (The ideal solution in an MLM Company)

The other problem is, due to the premium nature of the product and the bottle sizes, the set of three is not affordable as a monthly MLM autoship. (In today's world, between $50 and $150 USD per month is a reasonable range for a monthly MLM Autoship)

INS MLM Software gives you the Solution with the INS Rotating Autoship feature.

Your MLM Member can purchase a Value Pack up front which is all 3 bottles for the total price. (a great way to offer up a Fast Start Bonus on this package)

The MLM Member can then go on a Rotating MLM Autoship for the future. This means 1 month after they join, they get product 1 sent to them, the next MLM Autoship is for product 2, then the next MLM Autoship is for product 3, then the cycle repeats itself.

Now the MLM Members are happy, always qualified for commissions as all 3 bottles generate enough points to qualify in your commission plan, always fully stocked, but NOT OVERSTOCKED on your producct.

This ensures long term MLM Autoship success, which in turn ensures long term MLM Company Success for you!

Contact us today to learn more about INS MLM Software or our other MLM related services or request pricing by Clicking Here. Consulting Ltd.
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