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MLM Software - Great Sales Contradictions

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Wow, did I ever like this segment of an article I read in a Newsletter I get from

I haven't asked permission to copy it but hoping by giving you a link to their website and a little plug for how much I like their free newsletter they forgive me. If they don't I will certainly delete this posting at their request.

This little bit will challenge the way you think about the sales process.

Maybe it's time to take a different approach. Maybe we need to seriously analyze our sales thinking so we can identify why we're not making more sales. Take a look at the table below and think about your current selling mindset. How would your selling behaviors change if you changed your sales thinking?

- Traditional Sales Mindset: Always deliver a strong sales pitch.
- New Sales Mindset: Stop the sales pitch -- and start a conversation.

- Traditional Sales Mindset: Your central objective is always to close the sale.
- New Sales Mindset: Your central goal is always to discover whether you and your potential client are a good fit.

- Traditional Sales Mindset: When you lose a sale, it's usually at the end of the sales process.
- New Sales Mindset: When you lose a sale, it's usually right at the beginning of the sales process.

- Traditional Sales Mindset: Rejection is a normal part of selling.
- New Sales Mindset: Sales pressure is the only cause of rejection. Rejection should never happen.

- Traditional Sales Mindset: Keep chasing every potential client until you get a yes or a no.
- New Sales Mindset: Never chase a potential client -- you'll only trigger more sales pressure.

- Traditional Sales Mindset: When a prospect offers objections, challenge and/or counter them.
- New Sales Mindset: When a potential client offers objections, uncover the truth behind them.

- Traditional Sales Mindset: If a potential client challenges the value of your product or service, you must defend yourself and explain the value.

- New Sales Mindset: Never defend yourself or what you have to offer -- it only creates more sales pressure.

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