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MLM Software - How much longer can yours hold out?

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Is your MLM Software starting to cost you more to operate than it is worth.

One of the biggest mistakes we see clients make is wait too long to replace bad MLM Software.

If your MLM software is costing you more than about 10 hours a week to use spreadsheets or other applications to complete the tasks that your software can not complete, it may be time to start looking into upgrading your MLM software to something better.

Often we start on a shoestring budget and buy the best MLM software we can afford at the time, but then as we grow we unneccessarily keep using software that is inneficient for our business.

You should do a software audit in your business about 1 time every 6 months, more often if you are growing fast.

Good MLM software will pay itself back in Labour savings faster than you can imagine.

Lets say software is going to cost you $100,000, but in return you can double in size without adding any support staff, or any administration staff.

If you already have 5000 members, you are probably running a few support people and a few people in order to fulfill orders.

Good MLM Software could allow you to go to 10,000 members and not need to hire 4 new people. If your support people are $20,000 each, and your adminstration staff is $40,000, that would be an annual savings of $120,000. The best part is, you get to keep that savings year after year.

This is a mild example. We have seen much better. One company we have as a client went from 32 employees to 14 with the employment of our software. Their payback on the investment was less than 3 months.

So even if you are a company that has software, there may be a very big case to be made for you to look at more cost effective options for your software.

We can help.

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