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MLM Software - is it also CRM Software?

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By definition CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Good MLM Software solutions include a certain component of CRM Software.

Our MLM software for example tracks all details and communications to and from any client (distributor) in multiple ways. This would qualify it as CRM Software.

Our MLM Software also has a number of functions that are only relative to the MLM world like Graphical Downline Viewers and Commission reporting and calculation functions.

Our MLM Software also has the ability to hook into a licenced version of what we call CRM Software Plus which is a mini CRM Software Solution for the membership to use. You could call it an Automatic Prospecting System. This coupled with our AD Co-op engine allows you to help your members on Auto Pilot without compromising your organization with spam.

So you see, CRM Software is part of what you are buying when you buy good MLM Software, and our CRM Software Plus license can help you give your distributors the same power in their businesses that our MLM Software gives you in Yours!

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