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MLM Software makes CRM Software look Lightweight

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MLM Software - is it also CRM Software?

By definition CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Good MLM Software solutions must include certain components of MLM CRM Software.

But it has to go much deaper than that. Good MLM Software must keep good notes on all the MLM Members in the MLM Software System. Tracking each phone call, each support ticket, each order, each autoship, and just as importantly or even more importantly, each change the MLM Member themselves made in their MLM Members Back Office vs. which changes Admin made on their behalf.

You see MLM Members can be a very very self serving bunch, and without fantastic tracking of everything going on with every member, whether it was an online interaction, or a telephone interaction, your MLM Company WILL get taken advantage of.

MLM Members do like to get things their own way, and will tend to submit an MLM Support Ticket through your MLM Software, then if the answer was not to their satisfaction, pick up the phone and ask the same question, hoping for a different answer.

This costs your MLM Company TIME, and we do not need to tell you that time is MONEY!

The other thing MLM Members are quite famous for is BLAMING the software for things going wrong, vs. admitting they themselves changed their autoship to NOTHING, therefore didn't qualify for their paycheck! They will call you up and very convincingly argue the sofware did it!! Good MLM Software should be able to tell you exactly who changed the setting, Admin or the member themself, AS WELL AS the IP Address and the time and date the change was made.

Busted! IF you have good MLM Software.

Another reason MLM CRM Software has to go beyond normal CRM Software functionality, is your Very OWN Support CSR's (Customer Service Representatives) or worse yet sometimes your own Business Partners, will also claim the MLM Software just started going crazy, and they don't know why. Good MLM Software will be tracking and Logging almost all changes made in the critical areas of the MLM Software to allow any High Level admin to see.

Things like MLM Replicated Website changes, any MLM Software configuration settings, MLM shopping cart set up or shopping cart MLM item changes, and even admin user updates, will all be safely tracked and reported for you, the OWNER or CIO to know who did what and when!

Now what about some CRM type functionalities the MLM Members can use? Good MLM Software should contain MLM Autoprospecting tools for purchase by your members which include MLM Contact Management, and MLM Email Auto Responder Follow up engines.

The Consulting Ltd's MLM Software has everything mentioned above and more.

The MLM Autoprospecting Tool can be coupled with our AD Co-op engine allowing you to help your members build their businesses on Auto Pilot without compromising your organization with spam.

CRM Software is part of what you are buying when you buy good MLM Software, and our MLM Auto Prospecting System can help you give your distributors the same power in their businesses that our MLM Software gives you in Yours!

Contact us today to learn more about INS MLM Software or our other MLM related services or request pricing by Clicking Here. Consulting Ltd.
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