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Well, a beatiful day here in Vancouver BC today, the time of year when I just hate to leave. But leave is what I must do...

We just ran into the good fortune last night of a HUGE MLM Software contract in Japan. Our full Deluxe software and an animated Flash MLM Presentation. What a doozie!

As a result, I will be off to Japan for a week to complete the MLM Software spec, help in recording the audio files for the Flash MLM Presentation, and getting final MLM commission plan details sorted out.

Then I will be off to Australia to work with the programming team for a week or two. Rick Jewson and Jason Brindley do great work for us over there. Good old Ashley keeps them in shape! We are looking for a .net experiences programmer for the Gold Coast Australia for a 3 month employment contract. You can email me at dennis @ remove the spaces to make it work (darn robots picking my email up and spamming me like crazy!)if you are qualified and live on th Gold Coast. Our offices are in the SEABANK Tower in Southport.

So how is Japan MLM doing these days you ask? Well, it has been a wild ride I will tell you that. With the rumours that Amway Japan had its sales fall almost 80% over the past 3 years, it sounds like it could be scary over there right?

Well, here is a bit of my personal experience. Japan MLM has fallen into a bad place over the past few years but MLM in Japan seems to be making a bit of a comeback. Let me explain.

Over the past few years, a lot of underfunded junky type companies have been popping up, taking peoples money, and disappearing. Sound familiar? The same thing happened in North America a few years back, and in fact still seems to be happening a bit.

Lately, Japan MLM seems to be making a bit of a comeback to the more stable product focussed companies. Melaleuca Japan has been doing a fantastic business selling the stability concept. If they would just get with it as far as the Internet goes, they could possibly see growth beyond the 10% or more that they are so excited about worldwide. Oh, one can dream, I have never seen a company so afraid of the Internet as Melaleuca. Very strange, overly conservative in my opinion.

Other companies in MLM Japan are doing similar things to Melaleuca Japan but not yet able to match the product pricing Melaleuca Japan has.

The funny thing about MLM Japan right now is that companies are literally giving away so much in their MLM Compensation Plans that they are going out of business by over paying! Ouch! Hold off on so many bonuses MLM Japan!

The other interesting thing is MLM Japan is becoming less interested in the Hyped up North American Companies. You wanna have a hoot? Go to Japan and hear all the stories about the HUGE North American companies. They are all names you have never heard of with histories that have been completely fabricated!!!

Shame on our industry for that practice. We have hurt North American companies chances in MLM Japan for sure!

More on Japan over the next few days, as I just go MSN'd that my tickets are ok for departure TOMORROW! Wow, fast!

Gotta get organized to leave!

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