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MLM Software and MLM Japan Consulting are extremely interesting things to do. Japan is an amazing country. So completely closed to outsiders in the beginning. It can take 10 years of investment of time and relationships to even begin to be able to successfully do business in Japan.

MLM Consulting in Japan can be difficult for North Americans as the way things work over here, and what constitutes and interesting MLM opportunity and MLM compensation plan in Japan is almost completely the opposite to what constitutes and interesting MLM opportunity or MLM compensation plan in North America.

Here an MLM Company is likely to have an autoship requirement of between $100 and $200, which is low and a fairly recent change.

The cost to get involved with an MLM Company in Japan is often $300 to $3000 dollars up front. Front end loading as we would call it in North America is fairly common and accepted here due to the fact that retail sales of product are made very often.

Compensation plans are some of the most complicated to explain, understand AND program that I have ever seen. Simplicity is not something they seem to value when you do MLM Consulting in Japan.

Product prices can be very high with a bottle of supplements often being $100 or more.

All in all MLM Consulting and MLM Software in Japan is very very different than North America. I guess this accounts for why so many MLM Comapanies from North America fail to Successfully crack the market place in Japan. Those that do, often do by attracting a distributor who is a big leader in Japan by accident and having the team in Japan built largely without any involvement corporately at all. Viral marketing seems to attract more success in Japan than actually setting up shop here to start with.

The companies that continue to succeed in Japan are the ones who no what to do once you have that spark in an unkown distributor. That is where knowledgeable MLM Consultants can save you a bundle.

We can help, we have over 12 years of experience and a depth of connections in Japan to help you succeed here.

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