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MLM Software MLM Shopping Cart 3 Views Demo Video

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The Alternate MLM Shopping Cart Views Demo Video

This MLM Software Demo Video will show off the 3 versions of the MLM Shopping Cart you can configure or switch between in the INS MLM Software.

It will also show you some alternate configurations and examples of nicely configured MLM Shopping Carts done on the INS MLM Software Platform.

Click Here to Watch the Video!

The first MLM Shopping Cart View we are showing you is the Graphical List View or Column View.

All the items are show in a single column on the page in this MLM Shopping Cart View. This particular example shows off a simple single category setup.

You can make the MLM Shopping Cart look good or bad based on how well you plan and execute your images and image sizes. The system will automatically resize them on upload to help, but always keep in mind the importance of whitespace around your image for nice balance.

The MLM Shopping Cart has the ability to use a dropdown for similar items vs. a new item for each. For example a Medium T-Shirt may be available in Red, Blue, Green or Yellow. You can just put up the Medium T Shirt as an item, and then the member can select which color they want vs. having each SKU as a separate item making your list of items very long.

The same function can be used to deal with a single bottle, 2 bottles, a 1/2 case, a full case, 2 cases etc.

In the end you show one line item in the MLM Shopping Cart, with the options in a dropdown to keep your MLM Shopping Cart succinct and easy to navigate and shop from.

Each item in your MLM Shopping Cart can have a brochure page done, this is a full page of information like a brochure, and it still has the add to cart button and prices configured in the MLM Shopping Cart setup.

You can get to the brochure page by either clicking the item description or the more info link in the MLM Shopping Cart.

The Second View of the MLM Shopping Cart we are showing off is the Tiled View, or Jewelry View.

This implementation is Multi Category so it starts with displaying the categories, and you select a category to get to the appropriate items. This is a Japanese client so at the same time you can see the system operating fully in another language.

First you are presented with a Category Listing with the ability to have a nice descriptive picture and textual description of the Category and what it contains.

The MLM Shopping Cart Tiled view shows less info per item but displays 3 products wide. You can still access the Brochure Page as well from this MLM Shopping Cart View.

The Third View of the MLM Shopping Cart is the Text Based List View.

This MLM Shopping Cart View is best for downloadable items like MP3’s, Podcast’s or Informational type items. It is well suited to a large number of items in a single category, and when in general you have a lot of items that pictures do not pertain that well to. You still have access to the Brochure Page as well for this view.

This is the least selected View amongst our MLM Software Clients.

Now we will show you an example of a Member Signup done in the INS MLM Software. You can also watch our complete demo video on the MLM Member Signup Function if you like by Clicking Here.

In an MLM member signup, we get their personal information first, and then we have the prospect select their items from the MLM Shopping Cart. This gets them committed to the process in advance of seeing products and pricing.

In an MLM Retail Customer Signup, we get their order first, and then we get the personal information. This gets them committed to the product before giving up their personal details which has been proven to be psychologically better for an online Shopping Only Experience.

In the MLM Member Signup, we have a Showcase function. This allows you to Showcase some items like fast start packages or business builder packages vs. sending the member into the raw shopping cart to find their way around. They can simply be “Suggestive Sold” one of the packages that are either best for the MLM Company or best for the MLM Commission plan making the signup process seem much easier to the MLM Member.

The member also has the ability to go into the MLM Shopping Cart from this page if you choose.

The INS MLM Software also gives you the ability to sell packs of items in a “Pick and Pack” type of format. You could add an MLM Product Package that is a 10 pack of items. The MLM Member during signup could then select up to 10 items from the items you have selected in Admin to be available for use in the 10 pack “Pick and Pack” package. For example, 10 of one MLM Item, or 1 of 10 different MLM items.

This MLM Shopping Cart Function allows you to give flexibility on a Business Builder package’s contents vs. having just a set package.

That wraps up this MLM Software Demo Video on the Consulting Ltd. MLM Software demo video showcasing our 3 different MLM Shopping Cart Views and a few other MLM Shopping Cart Functions.

Contact us today to learn more about INS MLM Software or our other MLM related services or request pricing by Clicking Here. Consulting Ltd.
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