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MLM Software MLM Signup Demo Video Our software can Make You Millions

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This brand new MLM Software MLM signup or MLM Enrollment video is unlike any you have seen and we are just getting started.

You can see how easy it can be for your members to walk step by step through a process of collecting their personal details, then their initial product purchase selection, then their autoship selection for the following month and forward, confirming it all, entering their ccard details, and all done.

In one process the member is signed up, their autoship is set, their payment details both incoming and outgoing are captured, their replicated website is set up, a welcome email has been dispatched to them AND another one to their mlm sponsor or mlm enroller.

This MLM Signup Demo is done from the point of view of a potential client seeing just how much can be configured by themselves.

MLM Software Clients can also Utilize simple signup without shopping cart for free signups or utilize the full signup engine with features shown here.

Features like:

  1. Replicated Website Control
  2. Multi-Lingual Control
  3. Country of Signup Control
  4. Allowing a member to switch to a customer and vice versa during signup control
  5. Showcase Initial Purchase Packages during signup or go straight to Shopping Cart
  6. Showcase Initial Autoship Packages during signup or go straight to Shopping Cart for selection
  7. Utilize Package Selection Engine forcing members after selecting a package to select custom items for filling that package.
  8. Enable/Disable payment types for both initial signup AND separate for Autoship
  9. Configure which payment types will show for which currencies enabled
  10. Configure service fees to be added on particular payment types.
  11. Enable signups to happen with a Gift certificate issued by another member allowing new members to signup with existing members commissions being redirected into company revenue.
  12. Control of Welcome Email sent to enrollee and Final Page of signup contents.
  13. Control of Email sent to the Sponsor

Check out our MLM Software MLM Signup Video: Consulting Ltd.
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