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MLM Software - Mr Ito went back to Japan

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Well, I am still in Australia. Mr. Ito has gone back to Japan after a 2 weeks of working hard on Japanese MLM Software Training Viewlets and a Japanese Manual for our MLM Software in Japan.

We are cooking along here on the Gold Coast of Australia, just finished a Very interesting Japanese MLM Software Binary Compensation Plan. One of the most detailed Binary Compensation plans we have written to date. The Japanese MLM Company Commission Plan's are much more difficult typically than North Amercian MLM Company Commission plans.

This Binary had the 1/3 - 2/3 Monthly pay up to 3000000 yen and expansion centers capable. Not much strange there except that on top of that there was a Welcome bonus paid for people who joined at a certain rank and sponsored someone at that rank, and a Matching bonus based on the steps earned of your personal's and their personal's, and an A package bonus on all in your group who join as an A package down to the next person who qualifies for that bonus, and an infinity bonus based on what people in your group buy in addition to a set product, and the expansion center bonus. WoW, that is a paragraph full.

I would have to say MLM Software in Japan is much more detailed and tiresome from a programming point of view than much more straightforward MLM Software programming in North America.

We are now into one of the most complicated Uni Level compensation plans we have ever seen, and as soon as that is done, we need to finish up one of the most complicated 3x8 matrix plans we have ever seen before needing to work on a 6 x 8 matrix for a North American which is the most difficult North American Compensation plan we have ever seen.

Doesn't anyone want a regular non Brain Twisting compensation plan anymore? So much difficulty really puts you in trouble with your MLM distributors. Simple is best. ALWAYS.

Seems in Japan they like to look at large companies who have been around for 15 years and design commission plans of that complexity right out of the gate. They forget that it took those companies 15 years to get to that kind of complexity and that to try to launch with that type of complexity just creates slow growth or even bankruptcy if you are not careful.

People join what appears simple. Simple isn't it?

Enough for today, will try to add to this blog more often than of late, just been really reallly really busy over here in Australia!

MLM Software, who would have known there is so much behind it!

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