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MLM Software the Truth about the Cost of Bad Software

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MLM Software: Customizable and Multi-Lingual

MLM Software by Consulting Ltd.

INS offers one of the top level MLM Software packages in the world.

With our International experience, and the co-founders experience as both a million dollar earner as a distributor, successful consultant to the industry, and now MLM Software company partner, we have thought of and implemented many features and functions the average MLM Software purchaser does not even know they will need.

From Personal Account Systems with Gift Certificates, to full blown Support Ticket Help Desk Automated FAQ Engine, to full multi-lingual and Multi-currency support, this software is Enterprise Class, Scaleable, and a complete turnkey solution to your MLM Software needs.

The MLM Software is Highly User Configurable, as well as fully customizable. You specify what you want changed, we quote the change and build it for you. You can have the MLM Software of your dreams.

As for compensation plan, we can do full consulting and creation on compensation plans, or simply implement the chosen plan you have created. Binary, Matrix, Unilevel, Stair Step Breakaway, 2 Up, 1 up, Powerline, Hybrid, you name it we will build it to your spec.

The best part is our pricing policy. We will actually share in the risk of your venture in order to get Enterprise Level Software into the hands of your Startup.

INS is reallly trying to help the industry, we have seen so many clients come to us after purchasing the inexpensive MLM Software's on the market pleading for us to help them as their inexpensive solutions fail in their distributor recruitment success.

It hurts us that despite our best efforts company's still fail during this difficult MLM Software transition. The few thousand dollars saved on the less expensive solution, end up costing them the company.

INS aims to change that with the ability for you to get started with an affordable Deposit, and we will share in the risk on the balance owing. We will even do the same for commission plan consulting, and MLM presentation creation.

Let us be your partners, when you get successful, we get paid! No userous monthly fees. Just fair Straight up MLM Software Business.

For more information about Internet Next Step Software, visit:

Now a little INS MLM Software history for those interested...

INS started into the MLM Software business after a 3 month contract in Australia helping to fix a company's failing MLM Software as they ramped up to $300 million in sales.

As a result of Dennis Wilson becoming well known as the MLM Consultant on the Job of fixing this failing MLM Software the requests from long time aquaintances started to come in for Dennis to help build their MLM Software.

As the MLM Software that was being fixed was so terrible, Dennis formed a partnership with long time associate Rick Jewson to form the MLM Software division of Consulting Ltd.

With Dennis' proven track record by building 3 large teams at the distributor level in an MLM Company, the largest being 18,000 amazing members who helped Dennis earn him in excess of $1,000,000 while making themselves considerable income as well, and Rick Jewsons proven track record as a Programmer with extensive MLM Software experience combining, some of the best MLM Software in the world was created.

It was no small feat. With international experience, Dennis always drove the limits of Rick's creativity to ensure this was a Global capable MLM Software package. From Multi-Lingual to Multi-Currency, to industry Leading Personal Account functionality to avoid chargebacks, and allow non CCard Signups, unique feature after Unique feature was added.

7 years later and close to $5,000,000 in investment, our MLM Software stands next to none the marketplace.

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