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MLM Software - What about Consulting?

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MLM Software is a huge step for any MLM company. The truth is, the whole process starts with some MLM Consulting.

MLM Consulting can help you to evaluate your concept from an outsiders point of view. This can help to crystalize in your mind that you are on the right track, or possibly need to rethink some points.

It is important not to confuse MLM Consulting with MLM legal work. They are not the same. In fact, the two things can actually work against each other in a strange way. Much like you would never use a lawyer to find and construct a real estate deal, you shouldn't use a lawyer to construct your MLM company.

While a lawyer is critical in the real estate deal to ensure you have covered all your basis and ensure you understand your legal risks associated, the truth is a lawyers job is to make things safe, vanilla and unexciting.

As with a lawyer in a Real Estate deal where you would take his input and evaluate it and then decide how to proceed knowing the risks, MLM lawyers fulfill the same function.

If you go to a Lawyer for advice on how to build your company, you are likely to end up with a stair step breakaway compenstation plan that is legally bulletproof, but one that you will never enroll a single distributor into!

So my advice is to be sure you have a good MLM lawyer on your side, but be sure you have an amazing MLM consultant on your side.

We tend to do consulting as part of the MLM Software package to a certain extent. If you want to be sure we know what we are talking about and that we can be of use to you, we are happy to take a 10 hour retainer, and credit that to your software purchase if you proceed with us.

MLM Consulting can make the difference between a company that floats around never attacting big attention and a company that attracts industry leaders. It is worth your time and effort and money to find and use a good MLM Consultant in addition to having amazing MLM Software.

Enough for this rainy Friday Afternoon in Vancouver, may just go for a walk in the rain!

I wish everyone a Fantastic Weekend. Consulting Ltd.
Your MLM Software Experts

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