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MLM Software Why do companies force you to a Live Demo?

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Why do MLM Software companies always try to force their prospective clients into a Live Demo when tools like Camtasia allow the creation of an MLM Software Demo Video that that can be watched 24/7 at the potential MLM Software Clients discretion? What are they Hiding?

We believe their are 2 schools of thought on Marketing, and we think most of our competitors take the worst of the 2 schools based on our client feedback.

The first school, which we think is the worst, involves showing just enough information to get a prospect interested in your MLM Software product, then forcing them to contact the MLM Software Company in order to get a demo or actually look under the hood in any way.

This allows the MLM Software company to collect details of the interested party for follow up which is a very good thing in business. It also allows them multiple opportunities to re-inforce their brand, and price, and product as the prospect must keep in contact and schedule the demo often days after initial contact, never on the spot of course as that would be too convenient for the prospect!

The other hidden secret to this method is that if the MLM Software company schedules the demo out a few days, the prospect will continue to look at other MLM Software packages, and by the time the demo a few days later comes up, the MLM Software company with the demo scheduled gets last kick at the cat so to speak to convince you why their product is better than any others you have looked at. Our clients tell us often that the scheduled "Demo" often turns into 90% sales pitch, and 10% actual demo. Consulting Ltd. likes school 2 a little better. This is the school that we should show you as much as you can, AT YOUR CONVENIENCE, capture your attention by giving more than you can consume up front, to ensure you come to us with a list of questions remaining after getting your fill of information from our website.

We have over 4 hours of MLM Software demo videos on our site available to you 24/7 for you to browse through.

If you like, you can start with our Overview Demo that will showcase the Skinning, MultiLingual, Replicated website features amongst others by Clicking Here.

Or you may want to dig in with a 1 hour and 5 minutes FULL MLM Software Admin Section Overview Demo by Clicking Here.

Possibly you would like to watch a 20 minute demo on our Members Back Office by Clicking Here.

Our complete list of MLM Software Demo Videos including things like how to configure certain sections of the MLM Software that we use for training our actual clients can by found by Clicking Here!

Of COURSE we are also happy to schedule a Live MLM Software Demo should you feel this is better for you, we just feel it is best to let you have the OPTION vs. forcing you into one particular School of Thought!

If you are in charge of Due Diligence for the procurement of your MLM Software, here is a great way to get through it efficiently.

Should you wish to watch the MLM Software Demo we have on the Admin Section, and while you do, take notes on everything that comes to mind as you watch it. As the video progresses, we find normally you will be crossing off a lot of those things you listed, and by the end of the MLM Software Admin Section Demo Video, you will have a shortlist of very important Questions or concerns.

At that point jump on the phone to us, +1 604-998-2256 and click the Sales Extension, and one of our worldwide reps will answer, typically in REAL time! We can then go through your list, and jump into a live demo site should it be necessary to show you how we handle any issues you need clarification on.

INS can certainly help in all aspects of your MLM Startup, or MLM Software transition to an infinately Scalable MLM Software Solution

Contact us today to learn more about INS MLM Software or our other MLM related services or request pricing by Clicking Here. Consulting Ltd.
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