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First MLM Software then Second Life then Buzz Profits and Fun

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Ok so you have finally got your MLM Software going and you have new members streaming into your MLM Company.

You have your PowerPoint or Flash Presentation tweaked out and all your team loves it.

Of course the software you aquired has a great FAQ and Automated Help desk to keep your company's support running smoothly like INS MLM Software does (hehe just giving a little ribbing!) and you start to notice a startling trend.

People are asking you about when you will get the company into Click here to get your FREE Second Life account to get started.">Second Life. Second Life? Whats that? You barely have your MLM Company now referred to as your baby living its First Life.

Second Life is a Place of meeting people, doing cool things, having some fun, and making some money. It is a Networkers paradise.

INS has the necessary tools and skillset to get you up and running quickly in Second Life to keep up with your support tickets asking about it.

Why are people asking about it? Well, it is the absolute best source of new leads for MLM ever seen if handled properly.

You should start by checking it out, it is completely free and functional to go in and play around to see if you understand the vision your members are seeing or soon will see.

Click here to get your FREE Second Life account to get started.">Get a Free Second Life account RIGHT NOW and start learning.

Your members are calling on you for support, as they have learned that they can seriously increase the number of friends they have by spending an hour a day in front of the internet having fun and meeting people online and warming them up to a way to make money or establish a need for your companies great products or services.

What kind of Support do they need?

Well, we offer MLM presentation Kiosks in Second Life that allow them to show a powerpoint presentation to any prospects who show interest. They may even have rented or purchased a small plot of land in Second Life to build a funky house and fun stuff to show people as a way to build the relationship.

They need you to establish credibility for their efforts by having a corporate presence in Second Life as the final step to closing the prospect.

Imagine you office or location, or one significantly nicer built in Second Life where all your members could go to collaborate. You could have a training facility to do weekly or daily training sessions live by voice to the group.

You could have scheduled business presentations opened to members and guests alike again live and by voice.

All virtual people looking their virtual best. The best part is, unlike web conferencing, you can actually see their body language, you can have them approach you after the presentation and ask questions. You can Create Buzz!

Click here to get your FREE Second Life account to get started.">Get your free account and come and see us In World now, and see how we can help take your MLM into its Second Life

IBM is rumoured to have spend MILLIONS of dollars on their presence in Second Life and use it for world wide collaboration.

Apple and Dell also have significant presences.

Lacoste is currently running an International Model search for Avatars!! This means they will pay a prize for the best looking character in Second Life, and this is advertised off their main Website.

There is a huge number of people of the perfect demographic just waiting to become friends first with your members, then on to involvement. Don't miss the trend. 20,000 people a day are jumpin into their Second Lives.

Click here to get your FREE Second Life account to get started.">Get a free account now and check out the Buzz.

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