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MLM Software Continues to Evolve!

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Our MLM Software just continues to get better and better.

One of our newest MLM Software features we have added is:

Multivendor Capabilities

Imagine if you just wanted to consolidate multiple vendors to sell things through your own mlm company. Our MLM Software actually allows you to have your own products as well as other vendor products and you can let the vendor control shipping of any of their products based on your recieving the payment for the entire order.

You can set it up to be multi-vendor transparant or opaque meaning you can let the end user know you are utilizing multivendors and break the order by vendor, or just have yourself as the vendor then the pieces of the order come from the various vendors direct without you ever needing to touch them.

Talk about the ultimate in outsourcing. You control the cashflow and vendor setup, but the vendor can print their own shipping paperwork so all your multivendor products are shipped direct.

Our MLM Software just keeps evolving, what will our amazing MLM Software clients think of next!

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