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Who would have ever thought that adding blogs to your website could create a problem? Weren't blogs the end all be all of the internet? The way to have unlimited new and fresh content written by the people for the people?

As with any other great idea or concept, the spammers jump in and KILL the goodness. We had a client who ran B2Evolution just like us on our servers. All was well for about a year. Then the spam started. Soon the statistics became useless as most of the statistics were spam. I have never been offered more ways to grow my bodyparts, increase my sleep, make me healthy, and get a mortgage in my life!

Soon, beyond the statistics, our servers started to groan under the load of spam. Gigabytes a DAY from only a single small website! Well, the boys at B2Evolution did a great job in bringing out a fix to stop spammers in their tracks, and finally we got around to putting it up on our own site, and then once we saw it appeared to solve the problem, we have put it up for the client Aoi Beauty.

Just in time too as is just about to get into the Laser Hair Removal business and the Age Spot removal business. The blogs will come in handy for keeping google up to date.

Good old BLOGS, Better Listings on Google! I love them.

HOpe the spammers can't kill them permanently!

Till next time.

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