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Second life and MLM Software

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Having Great MLM Software is absolutely necessary in todays market place for significant success. But is it enough? How about get a Second Life?

I do not think so any more. Just having Great MLM Software and a great comp plan and great products can leave members and prospects alike thinking Ho Hum.

The standard of MLM Companies has come up so much over the past 5 years with MLM Software that used to cost upwards of $1 million now being available for well under $100,000.

The ASP Software model has also made this even more so with MLM Software Licenses on a hosted platform coming in anywhere from $5000 for a basic system to $25,000 or more for an ultra deluxe version.

So sadly it seems Great MLM Software may not be enough.

So what does it take to be the next Huge MLM? It seems it takes more than great products, great systems and a great comp plan.

Great tools help. Automated Prospecting Systems can be a big part of this to show prospects a proven track to follow on. Seems lately it is more and more expected by prospects that the MLM Company will provide these tools and guarantee support of these tools and systems.

So what else? Well forever a GREAT STORY has been integral to an MLM Getting successful.

How about using technology? Way back when the business was done with hotel presentations and mailing out audio cassette tapes. Remember those?

We progressed to Flash Presentations on CD, then to Flash Presentations on the Internet, then to the Automated prospecting systems. Soon we were using Web Conferencing along with all its hiccups to try to distinguish ourselves.

What about a Second Life Strategy?

Talk about Cool, fun, and ultra Functional. A good Second Life Strategy could open your members up to 10,000 or more new Prospects world wide PER DAY!!!

If you haven't played in Second Life yet to see the potential, you really have to.

Come and visit us online. It is FREE to join, and we have an extensive Campus being built to help you step by step to integrate a GREAT fun Hip new face to your MLM company.

Get an account with this link, go through the orientation and come and see us at co-ordinates 209,176,44 or just search for Internetnextstep in the search engine.

If you get involved, send me an email at with your Second Life name and I will add you to our group so we can help you with your Second Life Future!

A brilliant add on any MLM Company can benefit from. Learn more In-World.

See you there!

Second Life name: Ins Watanabe

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