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MLM Software - Increased gas mileage project

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What a project we have just gotten involved in with regards to a company who is marketing products that can significantly increase your gas mileage as well as reduce your emissions.

Imagine a product that can save you 10% on your fuel efficiency by increasing your gas mileage GUARANTEED! If you do not get 10% better, they give you their money back.

This is not an MLM Company but rather a company focussed on gas mileage and pollution reducing that is utilizing a unique affiliate program that they call the Carbon Credits program. You see if you increase gas mileage, you tend to also reduce emissions that means you reduce the carbon going into the environment. Catchy huh!

The neatest part of the gas mileage program is they are doing it right. full blown e-commerce affiliate software from us, and 15 or more feeder sites for great SEO (search engine optimization)

Just with the beginnings of the program so far: the main site

and the following feeder sites:

We expect this gas mileage program to see its share of over 200,000 hits per month. Will take a bit as SEO is not a fast thing, even for gas mileage!

Add in the Carbon affiliates program allowing word of mouth to take hold for helping people increase their gas mileage and Wow! I think this client is on to something!

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