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MLM Software - PayPal Integration

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Well we just finished integration of Paypal into our MLM Software. Paypal has really upgraded its ability to have an MLM Software system hooked in to use Paypal as a payment processor.

Of course for those who don't want to use PayPal formally within their MLM Software as an actual credit card processor, you can use our MLM Software and its Gift Certificates and Inter Member Transfers to allow your members to use Paypal outside of your MLM Software , and then let our MLM Software take care of letting people Join or pay for autoships with the money your members are using PayPal outside the system to move around.

This can allow you to let your members use any of the popular payments systems like Paypal, Swift Pay, E-Gold etc., without you needing to customize your MLM software to let them use all the various payment processors directly.

You see with our Exclusive Personal Account System, your members can leave their earnings in their personal account, then have a new member or an existing one, send them money via Paypal or any other payment system, then the member will use their personal account balance to send a Gift Certificate or Inter Member transfer to the new or existing member to facilitate either a Signup of a new member, or adding money to an existing members personal account to cover an autoship.

The best part is, you can service charge the Inter Member Transfers, and/or Gift Certificates if you like, adding money to your bottom line.

Check it all out. The best MLM Software on the Market, now handles Paypal.

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