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Most Amazing MLM Back Office Software Ever

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We want to share with you our brand new MLM Software Demo Video showing off all our updated features in our MLM Members Back Office.

A brief 23 minute and 43 second overview of the phenomenal feature set you can make available to your MLM Members with the INS MLM Software system.

Check it out at:

The INS MLM Members Lounge Overview Demo Video covering:

MLM Members Messaging System where a MLM Member upon login can't go any further until they agree they have read the Admin message waiting for them and have their IP Address and the time and date they agreed to having read it stored in their Admin record.

The end result being, no question for Admin as to whether they got the message or not.

That is positive communication.

Potential reasons they may have an Admin message waiting for them is they may have submitted support ticket and it has been answered, or Admin had a note they needed to have the MLM Member see and agree to.

This is forced acknowledgement, positive communication, no hiding, no lying.

Once they accept any messages they will then see the MLM Members Back Office dashboard interface.

The top of the page has the Quote of the day displayed. We have over 14,000 quotes in the database; they can be added to, edited or deleted by Admin. The quote of the day is randomly selected daily and all MLM Members see the same one.

This video is intended to be a quick demo through functionality, not detailed; we will have breakout videos with more detailed functionality on our demo’s page at:

First, top left is our Facebook type newsreel.

Depending on your Admin configuration, and MLM Member preferences, automatic messages based on enrolling new MLM Members, and rank advancements can be set to notify in this section including just what is on a MLM Members mind. It is shared with all his personally enrolled as well as anybody he adds to his Friends list in his MLM Members area.

MLM Member to MLM Member email function. (Inter-MLM Member Emails) and the About Me page.

A prospect can submit question/email to a MLM Members replicated sites About Me Page without ever showing the email, this keeps your data safe.

In the Mail section a MLM Member can see all their messages, sorted by section, messages from Prospects, other MLM Members, or Admin.

With the internal email system there is no concern of spam filters stopping your mails.

A side advantage is Admin can overview communications should they need to as all mails are trapped in the system.

Admin can do email blasts as well as monitor all blasts done by MLM Members if they wish.

The next quadrant is to the right.

Here you find the rank tab. This is the most important metrics to a MLM Member including, highest rank, current rank, what bonuses in your commission plan the MLM Member is qualified for as well as what more they need to do to get to the next level of bonuses. A nice color coded snapshot of where they need to work more to earn more!

This tab is customized to fit your commission plan.

The earnings tab. Total MLM Personal Account balance, Historical Earnings by commission period, and the ability to drill down to each commission type and where it came from.

Top 5 Enroller Report.

This report shows the top 5 enrollers of all time, in the last year, the last month, the last week and today.

The Placement Settings area sets itself up based upon your chosen commission plan type, and allows the MLM Members to set their next signups placement.

Now we go to the bottom left quadrant and we see the Account tab, this shows off MLM Personal Account or E-wallet.

INS was the first MLM Software Company to have this type of functionality baked into our MLM Software offering due to our initial experiences in Asia where credit cards are not as prevalent as in North America; we have been doing it for almost 12 years.

Commissions are paid to the MLM Members MLM Personal Account, so the funds actually stay in your MLM Company account, MLM Member then requests how much they want from this MLM Personal Account and you send it to them by your approved payment methods.

The big advantage is, MLM Members can use MLM Gift Certificates or MLM Members transfers effectively signing other MLM Members up from their MLM Personal Account funds.

This tab shows balance, reserved funds, and available funds.

You can see a list of recent transactions, MLM Gift Certificates, and MLM Member transfers as well as click to see the entire list.

Inter-MLM Member transfers are used to send money to another MLM Member to possibly cover their AutoShip without a credit card.

MLM Gift Certificates are used to send money to non-MLM Member so they can enroll without a credit card. The MLM Gift Certificates amount can be more than initial signup, and the system will automatically leave the balance in the new MLM Members Personal Account.

You can also redeem a MLM Gift Certificates if someone sent one to you.

The Withdrawals tab.

A MLM Member can do a one-time withdrawal, or set up an automated order for a withdrawal to be paid each period all their funds, or leave enough behind to cover their AutoShip, or only get paid when they have over a certain amount in their account.

On top of leaving behind funds for AutoShip, the can request to any payment types you have configured.

So in summary, your MLM Software can operate the new way utilizing all the advantages of the MLM Personal Account or MLM E-Wallet system, or the old way where you just process automatically checks each month or week or pay period.

Once MLM Members understand these features they tend to love them.

AutoShip tab.

Shows what they have on AutoShip, what address and what payment method and gives the ability to edit.

The invoices tab shows a history of all invoices.

Now the initial dashboard overview is complete.

More information is controlled and viewed on the left menu tools and settings.

We have a great MLM Calendar function.

It is very powerful.

MLM Members can add things privately to their own calendar.

MLM Members can ask an Upline to accept an event onto the Uplines calendar

MLM Members can ask Admin to accept an event to the corporate calendar.

MLM Member can approve any requests for items to be on their calendar before they go live.

MLM Members love this function.

Now let’s talk about the MLM Members mail function.

MLM Members can see all mail by category of mail.

This section separates the mail from prospects the come from the About Me page, or mail that comes from other MLM Members, or mail from Admin, and Upline mail blasts or Upline one on one mails.

The New mail sending function is also here and you send a mail by entering the username of the MLM Member you wish to send to.

This is a Safe email system that never reveals the MLM Members email address so no chance of losing your database to spammers and data scrapers.

This keeps your MLM data safe.

The details section is where MLM Members can edit a bunch of their details.

They can add multiple addresses to the system and swap between them as to where they want their product sent decreasing the number of errors made by MLM Members in the inputting of their addresses which reduces shipping costs from returned parcels. Once an address is verified correct, it can be kept in the system.

MLM Members tend to use their AutoShip for prospecting but fail to get their addresses entered into the system correctly so as they switch between their address and someone else’s they tend to make mistakes which causes parcels to be returned to the company due to bad addresses. By using the swapping function they can avoid data entry mistakes once an address is correctly in the system.

The all-important About Me page. Your MLM Members can decide to show or not show the About Me link should the company be utilizing it in their replicated website design.

The MLM Member can upload a photo, tell their story, and decide which information they wish to be public should the company use display macros on their public replicated sites.

The MLM Member can decide if their info is shown or not on genealogy reports. Admin decides if they will show the data in the first place AND if the MLM Member gets the right to override Admin choice or not.

The MLM Member decides to display or not display personal details should Admin have enabled display on replicated site through macro use. Not recommended to do this as it opens you up to data scrapers and your data being sold to list brokers.

The MLM Members About Me page handles this in a more elegant and safe manner.

The default language can be set from this section. If you have your site in multiple languages, the MLM Member can choose which language he wishes prospects coming to their replicated website by default will see.

The MLM Member can write their own story for showing off or telling their story in the About Me page.

The recognition section is where MLM Member can upload their photo and story for use in the recognition section of the software. All photos and stories go to Admin for approval so nothing bad can be uploaded. Once approved the MLM Members story will on the leader listing for MLM Members to see who the leaders are.

The news feed configuration area. This allows the MLM Member to decide what things will show in their newsfeed. Things like when they enroll someone, or when someone they personally enrolled enorols someone, or when the MLM Member ranks up.

Shorten URL like tiny URL to shorten a long URL or to anonymize a URL.

Email Options is where a MLM Member controls what emails they get from the system. They can choose to ignore Upline email blasts, but accept personal 1 off emails from the Upline, or skip the corporate newsletter, and even decide not to get mails from prospects from the About Me page if they choose.

The email blaster can be used to email blast all their downline or just their retail customers only, or just their MLM Members only.
Admin can limit this on the MLM Member by MLM Member basis to stop it entirely or monitor and only send on Admin approval.

The Friends section is to manually add friends even friends outside of their downline in addition to their personal enrolled being auto added as friends depending on the permissions Admin has set for this functionality.

The Shopping Cart for MLM Members orders.

3 views of cart you can choose from. List view one column of items, tiled or jewelry view, or list text only view.

We have a product download function. Admin can control how many times an MLM Member can download and how long the download link stays alive. This function can hook into amazon s3 service for cheap streaming/downloadable bandwidth.

Payment Types Section.
The MLM Member can enter as many credit cards or payment types they want in this section. Admin configures what payment types they allow for MLM Members to use for both incoming and outgoing payment types.

Downline Viewers. All viewers are on by default, you turn off the ones you do not want to use.

Genealogy, non-real time updated daily 1 time per day list not graphical.
Genealogy PS same as above but driven by sponsor tree not placement tree.
Viewer Sponsor - Graphical list type viewer by sponsor tree.
Viewer Matrix - Graphical list type viewer by placement tree
Placement Viewer - Graphical visual box pyramid tree
Placement Viewer New - Graphical animated feature rich viewer

The new viewer has a lot of control of what it shows to the MLM Member if he has personally enrolled someone vs. if they are not enrolled by the MLM Member, as well as what Admin can see, very configurable by Admin.

The Help Desk Support Ticket section. FAQ Help Desk Function.

Submit a support ticket by category, Admin controls what categories show up.

The MLM Member can see all existing tickets in their back office.

Promotional tips. A place where you can add any advice you wish to share with your MLM Members as well as a handy book mark function to book mark without security GUID.

W-9 form for American MLM Companies. Non-American companies can turn this link off.

FAQ Section all your 3 FAQ’s, Admin only, MLM Member Only, and Prospect can be built on the fly while Admin answers support tickets.

Terms and conditions to show your terms and conditions for visibility at all times.

This wraps up the MLM Members Lounge overview.

Please be sure to check out our detail videos showing off the actual Downline Viewers and the Earnings Report.

Contact us today to learn more about INS MLM Software or our other MLM related services or request pricing by Clicking Here. Consulting Ltd.
Your MLM Software, MLM Consulting, and MLM Commission Plan Design Experts
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