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Google SEO is Useless for MLM Replicated Sites

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I just had to write an article on MLM SEO (Search Engine Optimization)for Google and not only how thankless it can be as a thing to put your time into, but how utterly useless it is for an MLM Company to spend any resources on!

Fortunately for most MLM Companies due to the Replicated nature of their MLM Corporate site it is also a totally useless pursuit.

We get asked all the time if our MLM Softare is SEO friendly or Google friendly. Even though it is, it is of little use for an MLM Replicated website.

Google may index you for a few weeks until enough of your overly excited members submit their Replicated URL to Google. Once that happens, in a matter of months, you will find only your Home Page and maybe a few others rather poorly indexed on Google.

This is a result of Google being interseted in only Unique Content. As soon as a few replicated websites are also indexed, the content becomes non unique.

Now yes you can write a Robots.txt file to make Google only pay attention to your root URL, but while that may get a few more pages indexed for a while, or even permanently, in the end it could damage your MLM Company.

The reason for this is due to the fact that any good MLM Company that is using good MLM Software will not ever want to be seen as competition to its MLM Membership. As a result, you would normally disable the ability for someone to JOIN the MLM Company through your corporate or ROOT URL.

Good MLM Software will simply ask the person who referred them. Should they be from raw SEO type endeavor, they will not have a referrer and thus will not be able to join. Maybe if you are lucky after being frustrated by not being able to find a referrer to be abel to join, they may actually hunt down your phone number and attempt to get a referral to a member in order to join.

All sounds good so far right? Well first, it almost never will happen, they will just go away once they can't see what is behind door number one by trying to submit a bogus referrer (sponsor).

Secondly, should they call and ask your support team for a referral, now you have a bit of a problem. YOu need extremely good training done on your front line to ensure they dig VERY HARD to ensure this person truly did find you on Google before you refer them to anyone in your organization.

The reason for this is if you do not try very hard to ensure they do not actually belong to an existing member and have just forgotten their username, or are even just testing you to ensure you try hard to figure out who they belong to, you can establish your MLM Company reputation as a poacher.

Word will get out lightening quick and you will be sunk. No major MLM Leader will join a company that allows signups from the root domain, and in todays world major leaders have been known to test MLM Company's integrity by posing as a lost member to see who MLM Corporate sends them to.

Either way it is like a loaded gun, and sadly it is pointed squarely at your MLM Company's head.

Should you wish to get into SEO work, it is best done on a separate Marketing Site that is static and NOT replacated, and then you push the leads through an Ad Co-Op scenario and/or an AutoProspecting system in order to share the leads wtih your membership. In this case there will be less complaints as it will not appear to be corporate "poaching" and it will be seen as a positive as all MLM Members buying into the MLM Ad Co-Op could potentially share in the wealth!

So just why did I decide to write about MLM SEO? (Search Engine Optimization)

I just completed a project for a scaled back MLM Software site at:

The purpose is to see if I can outdo our current 12 and climbing rank on Google for the keyword MLM Software by having a domain with the keyword in it and less training and other support information on the site.

I am hoping it is a dismal failure as I want to believe Google is good and all this talk about content being King is the truth. I fear it isn't as there is not a single one in the top 10 of Google for the Keyword MLM Software that have a site as comprehensive as nor as chock full of FREE MLM Training, MLM Consulting, and just general Good Information.

We will see. I will keep you posted on this experiment.

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