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So we have talked about the profit margins of good MLM products and MLM Services. What kind of MLM products or MLM Services have the appropriate profit margins for an MLM Company to pick them up or be started as a result of? Are there any exceptions?

Well, one of the biggest things that is necessary to run a Successful long term MLM company is that the MLM product or MLM Service be consumeable, and from a regulators point of view that the MLM product can be retailed.

Consumable means it is an MLM product that gets used up, preferrably something they will want to buy again every month or you have enough MLM products that needing them every three months or so will still cause them in a cycle to some of your MLM Products every month.

Vitamins and Supplements are favorite MLM Products in MLM. High profit margin, and a place where research and development allow for better product quality which can allow for a little higher profit margin to be obtained when the MLM Product is sold.

Soaps, Concentrated Household cleaners (keeps value up and freight charges down) Cosmetics, Diet products, Automotive additives and car waxes are some examples of GREAT MLM Products.

As for MLM Services, proprietary software products that are proven value and are sold on a subscription fee are fantastic, even legal services and mutual funds are sold by MLM as MLM Services.

Now the retail component of MLM Products and MLM Services. Lots of companies are trying to talk about how you don't need to retail product to anyone ever. This can be a serious issue with the MLM regulators. They like and basically demand that there are retail customers purchasing the MLM product without being involved in the commission plan of the MLM Company. They require this to confirm that it is not a MLM pyramid scam and that happy MLM Customers of the MLM product exist.

This is an over simplification, but basic premise is true. The MLM Company Melaleuca talks personal consumption, but the truth is, they can also point to a lot of people who just buy products for personal consumption and never ever partake in the business, so this seems to satisfy the regulators as they are over 20 years old!

With good MLM Software the retailing of MLM Products can be easy. With the INS MLM Software, everyone gets a replicated website that has an MLM retail shopping cart attached. In the members MLM Back Office, you have another version of the MLM shopping cart at wholesale.

Depending on how you want to set things up, you can have the MLM retail sales happen and get shipped direct to the MLM Retail customer, then the retail profit goes to the MLM distributors MLM personal account, and the points go to work against the MLM autoship requirement. If enough MLM retail sales are made from the website, the MLM autoship will not be sent if the member sets his MLM back office to be so.

This is how great MLM Software can help you in the face of the MLM regulators as you can show that you give every single MLM representative a huge helping hand to retail MLM products, and you can prove your MLM retail sales easily if asked. Consulting Ltd.
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