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The MLM Seasons. Really? Seasons?

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When is a good time to start an MLM Business either as a company, OR as an MLM Distributor/MLM Member?

As in any business, there are MLM Seasons. These seasons we describe in this article are true for at least the North American Market and the Japanese Market. Australia also seems to follow a similar seasonal route, but that may be only due to them following closely the North American ebb and flow when it is a NON Australian MLM company we are speaking about.

Much like a retailer would not think of starting to lease a location in January, unless they had a lot of money to cover the losses till October when things heat up for the Christmas season where most retailers make 80% of their annual sales and profit, an MLM Startup Company should be careful when it launches as well.

The busiest season in MLM is from about September 15th, to December 15th each year. Let’s call this the MLM Autumn!

The kids are back in school, Christmas is coming but it is still far off enough to not panic about putting some money into a home based business in order to earn some extra to make the coming Christmas even better.

Not only are household finances for your enrolled MLM Members good at this point, but your MLM members will have much more success due to others they speak to being more receptive in the MLM Autumn, and therefore deem your MLM Startup Company to be relatively “easy” to get others interested in.

This “easy” feeling is mostly due to MLM Season timing, more so than your particular opportunity or product, so this truth tends to exist for any MLM Company Opportunity.

If you are looking to start an MLM Startup Company in order to capitalize on the MLM Autumn, the absolute best time to do so is in Mid-June. The reason for this is it takes a little longer to get organized yourself over the summer holidays, so expecting to start August 1st and be ready for September 15th is not realistic.

The other reason this can become problematic is EVERYBODY leaves it over the summer thinking they will magically fire up on September 15th, only to find out the entire MLM Support industry like MLM Software Providers, MLM Product Formulators, MLM Legal and Accounting advisors are all going full steam ahead and delivery times tend to get long due to all those who did plan properly and retain these resources in advance!

If you are looking to become an MLM Distributor or MLM Member in an MLM Company and capitalize on the MLM Autumn, the best time to get involved is actually around Mid August so you can have your products and materials and have had plenty of time to study and learn about your MLM Company in order to hit the ground running hard on about September 7th.

From December 15th to about February 15th is the WORST season for MLM. Let’s call this the MLM Winter!

So much for New Year’s Resolutions, MLM activity, contrary to popular belief does NOT come back to life on January 2nd due to all your MLM Members promising themselves “This Year will be DIFFERENT!”

We never would share this information with our members as we don’t want to stop ALL activity, but this time period is when you rely on Autoship to carry your MLM Startup Company sales, and your MLM member’s belief by way of continued paychecks!

MLM Startup Companies who foolishly buy into the concept that Autoship is not necessary and everybody hates it, typically fail in this season. Sales dry up, inventories go off, and MLM Member belief goes down the toilet due to no income if there is not forced consumption to keep things moving!

From February 15th or so, the winter ends, and people begin to get more active. This begins the second busiest season for MLM. Let’s call it the MLM Spring! The MLM Spring tends to really be from about March 1st to June 15th.

The MLM Winter is a great time to retain your MLM Software Company and learn the MLM Software, work through all your setup and documentation issues. It is ALWAYS best to get your MLM Software FIRST as the capabilities of your chosen MLM Software vendor will VERY MUCH impact all your supporting documentation and business processes. Also, your MLM Software will likely open your eyes to many business processes and practices you may not come up with on your own.

To get all your company ideas set BEFORE you retain your MLM Software providers is a MASSIVE mistake that can cost you a fortune long term.

In the MLM Spring, much like the MLM Autumn, folks are just easier to talk to. They are looking forward to the summer break by this time, and thinking it is time to do something extra to earn some money for the summer holidays, as well as they are just generally busy with all the things spring offers. As a result of being busy with the kids sports and all the outdoor events, they are in contact with a LOT of people, this is what makes the MLM hunting grounds fertile in the MLM Spring.

Realistically if you are looking to start an MLM company to catch the spring, you can likely make it as long as you push the button on your MLM Software by about February 1st. The reason for this, is the season is NOT as busy as the MLM Autumn so all the MLM Startup Company Support industry has more available bandwidth in order to get your MLM Company going a little quicker.

As a Member, you should join by mid-February and get to work in order to capitalize on the MLM Spring!

The MLM Summer hits from June 15th to September 15th. While the lack of activity and demoralizing of MLM Members is NOT as severe as the MLM Winter, it can still be a pretty rough patch.

Should you have momentum going into the MLM Summer, you can often carry through the summer with sales only going flat vs. actually retracting.

While it is still harder for MLM Members to recruit others during the MLM Summer, the reasons are different. The reasons are more to do with people just being busy and saying, “call me in two weeks”, or “I won’t be back from holidays until August 15th, lets talk then.”

In addition to this, your MLM Members are also busy with Summer activities so do not tend to react as negatively nor take as personally Rejection in the MLM Summer!

The MLM Summer is a good time to start your MLM Startup Company in order to have it ready for the MLM Autumn! Things take longer to pull together so allow your company enough time. Your own team of partners will have family obligations and summer holidays etc. to contend with so all decisions take longer.

So to summarize.

Sales are best in the MLM Autumn and the MLM Spring.

Starting an MLM Startup Company is best done in the dead of the MLM Winter, or during the hot MLM Summer in order to be up and running and debugged in order to capture the easy seasons of Spring and Autumn!

As an MLM Member, you should get started at least 2 weeks before the MLM Spring or MLM Autumn for your best chances, but keep in mind joining anytime is better than waiting. The key is to understand the seasons so if the going is a little tough you can know in your heart it is the MLM Season getting you and chalk it up to training and experience instead of it giving you a fabricated reason to give up!

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