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The Problem with MLM Distributor LIES!

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This article is written from the point of view of education for people who are looking to start their own MLM Company, though it would also benefit anybody looking to enter the MLM Industry as a Member or Distributor as well. Finally if you are just someone considering Joining an MLM, this is also EXTREMELY Valuable to YOU!

The problem the MLM Industry faces today is twofold.

First, MLM distributors often OVERSTATING the benefits and UNDERSTATING the work to be done.

Second, regular people (the MLM prospects) believing out of their own greed, unrealistic statements made by MLM companies and MLM distributors.

This is what causes many regular folks to succumb to the MLM SCAM vs. the legitimate MLM Company.

The tragedy in all this is the MLM TRUTH is good enough!

Yet every day, both MLM Company’s and even more often MLM Distributors feel they need too embellish the truth in order to be successful in the MLM industry. It is often at least partially the Fault of the MLM Prospect that drive them to do so!

The TRUTH of MLM is, if someone works hard consistently 1 hour per day over time, they will achieve their dreams in MLM.

What does this really mean?

If you commit 1 hour per day for a year to your MLM business as a simple MLM Distributor you will be well on your way to a six figure income in the next few years. Isn’t that good enough?

What else can you devote often less than $1000 up front, and likely less than $200 a month to, then commit a measly HOUR PER DAY, for a year to get the basics down to go on to a six figure income over the course of a few years?

Let’s take a look at the traditional go to university route, and see if that works?

Personally I paid my own way through all my Post-Secondary Education. I worked summers and part time while going to a Technical College called BCIT or the British Columbia Institute of Technology in Canada in order to be able to do it.

I worked about 20 hours per week in the evenings and weekends at West Fraser, a Lumber yard. This averages out to about 3 hours per day. At the same time I went to BCIT classes and labs about 37.5 hours per week working towards my Mechanical Engineering Diploma. I then did homework and assignments about 20 hours per week.

I spent just over $6000 per year on my Tuition and Books for 2 years.

So I guess you could say I spent $750 PER MONTH over the 8 months of University in a year. This did not include the cost of fuelling, insuring, and maintaining my vehicle. I lived at my parents’ home and commuted to BCIT by car each day with my packed lunch (thanks Mom for keeping the fridge stocked!).

I averaged 77.5 hours PER WEEK or an astonishing 11 HOURS PER DAY INCLUDING WEEKENDS to achieve my dream (well actually it turns out my father’s dream) of being a Mechanical Engineer! This does NOT include the 1 hour per day EACH way commute to BCIT. Yes on a typical day I left for BCIT at about 7am in the morning to start my first class at 8:15am. I seldom left before 6pm even though classes were usually done by 5pm.

Once I obtained my Diploma from BCIT, I decided to go on to a Bachelors of Commerce at UBC (The University of British Columbia). This was far easier than BCIT, but about the same price for Tuition, but I did live on Campus which I recall being Costly but do not recall exactly how much. It was only 15 hours per week of classes and about 15 hours per week of assignments or homework on top of the 20 hours per week of work to support myself. A much more reasonable 50 hours per week or 7.14 hours PER DAY 7 Days per week!

Let’s analyze a bit as to why I had to spend so much of my time and money to become an Engineer?

Truth is I had ZERO Mechanical Engineering Skills just out of High school. I had some basic building blocks like Algebra, and Physics, but I had a long way to go.

I spent all this money and time in order to get the EDUCATION I needed to become an Engineer. Should I have gone on to become an actual working Engineer just imagine how much On the Job learning I would have done for MANY YEARS working 40 or more HOURS PER WEEK at my JOB to become a competent engineer.

MLM is NOT any different, but everybody wants to BELIEVE it is.

When we say you will need to spend 1 hour per day for AT LEAST a year to become any good at it, the reason is, you do not know how to do it and you have to learn it first. Just like I had to take my basic building blocks from High School and personal experience to become an engineer, you will need to take YOUR basic building blocks and LEARN all the things you do not know about being a successful MLM Distributor over the course of a year or so with an HOUR a DAY of your time and Energy.

In some cases you will spend a lot of time UNLEARNING bad habits you have. This happened for me, I was always told I am a GREAT salesperson. I had to UNLEARN sales to be successful at MLM and learn more teaching and sharing and caring skills. It turns out in the end, MLM is not ALL ABOUT YOU, but rather how much you trust, respect, and help others.

The big difference is, as you are learning or UNLEARNING, you can earn. It may not be that much in your first year, but imagine if you netted after all expenses only $300 or so a month, would that make a difference to your life?

Did you know at 3% interest compounded annually, you would need almost $110,000 in the bank to earn the same on an investment? (This according to

We have not begun to talk about the personal income tax implications of now having your own Home Based Business. Often these can be worth $300 a month or so in TAXES SAVED!

Once you have a Home Based Business, your entire financial scenario changes. You can write off any losses your Home Based Business generates against your normal J.O.B (Just Over Broke) income! This often generates a hefty Income Tax Return for you each year!

Now each time you go out for dinner, as long as you talk to the waitress or waiter about your new business in passing, you are essentially doing business. This means that money you used to spend in AFTER tax dollars, becomes before tax dollars essentially saving you the tax portion on your meal.

The average North American pays 24.3% (according to or more in Income tax, so a $100 dinner when you do not own your own Home based business costs you $100, but should you own your own home based business, it actually costs you about $76, the government picks up the rest for you!

Then you can claim a portion of your house expenses and mortgage interest in most countries. They key is, YOU MUST DO YOUR BUSINESS, not just signup and do nothing.

So at least a portion of the few hundred dollars per month you spend on products, telephone, internet, meals, transportation, and meetings essentially comes back to you in Tax savings, and your $300 a month NET is yours to keep!

As this is already almost a book, we will continue it in our next post on this subject!

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