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The Apprentice, Donald Trump and MLM?

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I originally wrote this article in 2004, and now in April 2007 I thought I would update it just a bit as the Apprentice with Donald Trump continues to attract massive audiences, and the parallels to MLM continue to Grow!

I was sitting thinking how similar to MLM or Network marketing this show is and how it should be recommended study to all people currently involved in MLM or Network Marketing as it is perfect MLM training!

There is a rumour out there that Donald Trump is a supporter of Network Marketing and that he has even said that if he had to do it over, he would be involved in MLM.

"Donald Trump would do MLM if he had to do it over!!", is the fabled rumour from a "well respected talk show."

Even though I know this is a fabled MLM RUMOUR and completely untrue, it makes a good story anyway.

The Apprentice with Donald Trump and MLM, the Parallels

Here is a show where people have had to go through a huge sifting and sorting procedure. Sending in letters or videos to Donald Trump and the Apprentice and possibly waiting in line for auditions, and baring their souls to The apprentice and Donald Trump.
MLM or Network Marketing? Well, you have to see an ad in the newspaper, or on the internet, or take a phone call from a friend of yours with that excited insomnia, then you need to watch a video, or look at a website, or review some information. Then you may have to go to an opportunity meeting.

So now you have either been selected for Donald Trumps "The Apprentice", or you have joined an MLM opportunity. Do the parallels continue?

Yep. You are now going to have to learn to work as a team. Donald Trump picks your teams for you in "The Apprentice", but in MLM you get to decide on your own team.
In both cases you are now going to be thrust out of your comfort zone to do things that you may have never envisioned yourself doing.

On the apprentice, the conflict internally between team members with HUGE EGO's has become more and more apparent, well guess what, in MLM you also need to deal with conflict of HUGE EGO's. Amazing how Donald Trump and the Apprentice more and more becomes a study course for MLM!

In both cases you have your eye on a goal of large financial success as well as some amount of fame as well.

I just think Donald Trump's "The Apprentice" has to be the best MLM Training you could get!

Watch it! Learn it! Take it to heart.

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to earn your future?

You can bet there are 18 or so individuals on The Apprentice with Donald Trump who are!

See you at the top! Trump Tower possibly?

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Comment from: D [Visitor] Email
DPerhaps you should read the new Donald Trump
/Robert Kiyosaki book "Why We Want You to Be
Rich". There is only ONE business model they
discuss in the book....guess's
Network Marketing! I think another update on
your article in is order.
05/01/07 @ 18:19
Comment from: admin [Member] Email
adminThanks for the update, but it does not say that if he had to do it all over again he would forgo real estate and join an MLM company. the article above does not suggest he doesn't support the industry, it just dispels a mith put out there by the industry. Own and love the book you speak of. In fact own all of Donald Trump's books, as well as all of Robert Kiyosaki's books. Also a subscriber to Entrepreneur Magazine that Robert Kiyosaki is a constant writer in.
08/31/08 @ 11:47

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