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What is an MLM Hour Per Day?

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Ok, back to the truth being good enough if that wasn’t a good enough point!

We have all heard it said time and time again, you can build a successful MLM Business in an hour a day of effort over a long period.

So where should you be after a year of learning while doing simply an hour a day of work. Oh wait… Just how easy is an hour a day? Well now here is the Biggest Truth of MLM.

An HOUR a DAY is almost impossible to do for the average person. Yes it is true, we are actually that pathetic as a race of people.

Let me illustrate with a way I always joked with my downline. I used to say if I offered someone a $100,000 reward to simply come to my home in Vancouver and sit on a Chair on my Balcony for an hour per day without fail, my money would be safe forever.

Let’s say the rules of my $100,000 reward were simple. You pick a single time between 9am and 9pm that you will come EVERYDAY. Come 1 minute late. You are out. Miss a single day, you are OUT! I do not care if your daughter was sick, or your dog died, or you had a big fight with your wife, you are out.

Notice NO weekends off! I didn’t get weekends OFF in University, why should you to take my $100,000?

No Holidays…. Holidays were just an opportunity to work or study more when I went to University, Christmas DAY included!

What if traffic was bad so you were late? I don’t care, come early to make sure it never happens, we are talking about $100,000 after all.

I bet by now most of you are thinking I am just being mean in making the Rules so hard!

Well, this attitude would sum up the problem with all the PROSPECTS out there! You all WANT the $100,000 but you do not want to do the work, or gain the education to do it.

I know you don’t want to talk to your friends or family. You don’t want to make your contact list. You don’t want to read some books. You don’t want to go to a meeting. Then DO NOT JOIN AN MLM as you will NOT be successful! There is not a Magic way to relax and get rich or significantly change your lifestyle!

Wow!!! I had no choice in University but to go to Meetings (classes) CONSTANTLY. I had no choice but to do things I didn’t want to do and I wasn’t comfortable with in order to please someone I normally didn’t even like. (Professors)

I had to do it on the professor’s time frame, in the professor’s way, EVEN if I didn’t AGREE! Even if I could prove the Professor WRONG!!! Keep in mind; I paid $750 a month for this torture!

That was hard and terrible, but you now I also said I worked to pay my own way through University. I had to show up at work ON TIME every day, or they might fire me. I had to do things I did NOT enjoy doing (like clean the washroom, we all took turns) as part of the job that I otherwise enjoyed doing. I had to ask in ADVANCE for time off, and sometimes they even said NO! Sometimes the boss would call and switch my schedule at the last minute, or try to convince me to come in on my day off as they were short-handed! I had to listen to what other people told me, I could not decide everything myself. Can you imagine???? The nerve of those employers!!!

So what about your MLM Career? I bet if you have been involved before, you complained and just outright refused to do some, many, or even ALL the things your Mentor tried to teach you. Would you ever behave in such a fashion in your J.O.B.?

NOT A CHANCE, you would be FIRED!!!

Are you starting to see just how much EASIER MLM would be if you put your mind to it?

Now here is a huge truth. It IS Possible, that MLM is just not for you! That’s right, I said it! MLM is not for everybody! Not everybody should be involved in MLM!

Just like not everybody goes to University to become a Lawyer, or Accountant, or Engineer, not everybody necessarily wants to be an MLM Distributor making $100,000 per year. Yes I know we all want to make $100,000 a year, I am just saying many of us may not be willing to learn the skills, do the job required, and put in the time to make it happen.

The difference is everybody CAN be a successful MLM Distributor. If they truly want to.

Just realize what it will take. AN HOUR A DAY for an extended period of time likely 2 years or MORE to get to that $100,000 or so in income. YOU WILL NEED to learn all the Skills you do not currently possess! You will need to spend money! You will need to use your time! You will need to do things that at first you may not be comfortable with. I do not mean something illegal or immoral, but I do mean things out of your comfort zone similar to tasks that have likely made you very nervous in your day J.O.B.

What else can you do to earn that kind of money, on that kind of time frame, with that little effort?

So you see, the TRUTH IS GOOD ENOUGH! If YOU the PROSPECT would stop pushing the friend or family member to promise you it would be easier, simpler, cheaper, or even magic, the friend who GETS it, would not feel compelled to try to meet your unrealistic dreams with their perfectly honest and GOOD ENOUGH MLM opportunity!

Now you as an MLM Company owner need to embrace that what you are doing is GOOD enough and not try too hard to put your company on the verge of bankruptcy trying to give, give, give to the level of the impossible dream. You need to steal yourselves against the member who just had one of the unrealistic prospects drill him into the ground who has come to you suggesting just how hard or impossible your MLM Opportunity is and that Fred the Hack has a better deal that promised to make his prospect rich just for breathing.

Do you want to be one of the Big MLM Success Stories? Steal Yourself. Do you want to be one of the tried but gave up and a bunch of members are now out there disbelieving in our wonderful MLM Industry? Then go ahead and buy into all the garbage your members will bring you as to how to make things “better, easier, faster, cheaper”!

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