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Which MLM Commission Plan to use?

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Stair Step Breakaway?

If you talk to an MLM lawyer, they will most likely tell you to go with an MLM Stair-Step Breakaway as their whole purpose in life is to protect you from all risk. They can protect you right into a serious business failure too! MLM attorneys will likely push you to this plan as it is the longest running and most proven, most challenged and in their perception therefore "safest".

I simply feel that you will have a hard time attracting an MLM distributor force with this style of MLM Compensation plan. They pay out too little, are very hard to get rolling, and most networkers today are fairly short term focussed and simply won't put the time into making one of these go.

The MLM Stair-Step Breakaway is a plan that is very favourable to the MLM company. I can't help but think that this plan could be morphed into something good if you came at it from a new perspective.

It works best for hugely MLM product centered customers where MLM distributors will buy a lot of inventory and sell a lot of stuff retail. Could be made easier with proper internet shopping support that could contribute to group volumes without the distributor actually having to purchase all the product himself and resell on to others, but rather just direct interested customers to the internet to purchase for themselves.

The biggest pro to this MLM comp plan is the way it pays out so low and is therefore often heavily slated in the companies favour.

The negative is, it is quite out of favour and really not very exciting for the distributor force. Once again with a little thought, it may be possible to morph this into someting that could work in todays environment. I welcome thoughts from people who have made the decision to join a stair step breakaway in the past year. Would love to hear your reasons why and convince me I just don't understand. Definately would like more knowledge on this plan, but simply don't have any clients even enquiring about it anymore!

INS can certainly help to design any MLM compensation plan should you need help with yours. We have a generous Share in the risk plan on MLM commission plan design available to all our MLM Software clients.

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