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MLM List Builder Application for Android in Google Play

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MLM List Builder Creator the Ultimate MLM mobile application to ensure you AND your teams your success.

This application is a Internet Based application, you will be sending your data to a third party Secure Cloud server keeping it safely backed up, and it will never be sold or reused in anyway.

We all know the number one thing you need to do when you begin MLM or Network Marketing is the all important contact list.

You know the drill, even if you are not interested in calling a person, the key is to write them down so it can trigger your brain to release others whom you may wish to contact.

MLM List Creator is just the app for you.

MLM List Builder starts by jogging your memory to get you a maximum contact list. Remember the point here is the exercise, you will not necessarily contact them just because they are on your list, but by wracking your brain to create your list in the first place, you will trigger your brain to remember even more people that you may be surprised do make your top 30!

You will then "Rank" your list to see if they even make your top 30 contact list.

The app will generate your Top 30 based on some very scientific criteria of who of all your contacts are most likely to be interested in your Home Based Business.

Once ranked, you can have the list transmitted to your Upline automatically for their assistance, and to yourself to begin working on your Future!

Our next update will give you the ability to enter your top 30 into an Auto Prospecting System to begin the process of finding out who is interested in joining you in your new exciting Home Based Business!

Android app on Google Play

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MLM Survey Application Live for Android on Google Play! FREE Leads!

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Free Leads? High Quality MLM Leads? Could it be true?

Well it all starts with, "Excuse me Sir/Madame", do you have 60 seconds to answer a few Questions?"

Yep thats right, as long as you have the Guts and the Time, you can generate EXTREMELY high quality Leads, AS MANY AS YOU ARE WILLING TO WORK FOR!

This simple application was built based on a Street Survey I with my team a number of years ago on the Streets of Vancouver, BC, Canada at the corner of Burrard and Georgia street, the busiest Street in Vancouver!

This application comes from the personal experience of Dennis Wilson who built a few large MLM organizations before ending up in the MLM Software and Auto Prospecting System business as a partner in Consulting Ltd.

The instructions are based upon REAL Life experience and doing this survey for an entire summer from 7:30am to 9:00am in the morning Monday to Friday, June to September on the busiest street corners in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He saw his income go from almost nothing to around $10,000 a month in this period using this survey technique.

Here are some hard earned lessons:

  1. DO NOT say “Do you have a minute”, say it as it reads, you will have 90% less agree to take your survey if you say a minute vs. 60 seconds. Nobody believes a minute is a minute!
  2. Do NOT break your 60 second promise. Do NOT get chatty. Do the survey, set the appointment when you get one, and MOVE on, there are more meetings to book if you don’t dilly dally talking to people who are interested.
  3. DO go to the street corner that is busiest in your city wearing a Suit and Tie or appropriate female business attire. Golf shirt and Dress slacks reduced the number of folks agreeing to be surveyed by 50% when compared to wearing a suit and tie. YES we tried and tested it as Suits are horrible on a HOT day, BUT they WORK better!
  4. DO go in pairs whenever possible and stand one on each side of the sidewalk directly opposing each other, if the Street side person can have a car parked behind them, EVEN better. Making folks run the gauntlet so to speak increases your survey count dramatically.
  5. Women ALWAYS book more appointments then Men!! Sorry guys, ugly reality. Best is a woman and a man pair on the street!
  6. DO repeat the same street corner for AT LEAST 5 consecutive days, preferably 2 weeks. Many will finally stop on Thursday or Friday saying, “Ok, just what is this all about you guys have been here for a week now, I just have to know!”
  7. DO stay off private property as the security guards WILL come and complain if your heels are on a big office towers property!
  8. DO check your local laws to make sure you are not breaking them doing a simple survey.
  9. DO NOT take product or samples while doing the survey
  10. DO NOT give any information about the company or products when booking the appointment, just keep saying you have to get as many surveys as you can done, and you will answer ALL their questions at the meeting.
  11. DO NOT run OVERTIME on your meeting, you promised an HOUR. No matter how interested they seem and how much they want to linger, tell them after 45 min you have to get ready to go as you have another appointment coming in 15 min. or you have to get to another appointment soon.
  12. DO always do a Balanced Professional Business Presentation, showing a little pain about the state of the world and average peoples income and life experience, your company, the MLM industry, your products, your compensation plan, AND leverage! Your company should have an approved presentation for this purpose to use.
  13. Do try do book a presentation whether 2 on 1 (BRING YOUR UPLINE) OR Hotel or Group Presentation vs. sending them to a website or some other “simpler” way of doing business. You will be rewarded handsomely for doing this business in a proper relationship forming manner as your Competitors are NOT.
  14. It is NOT recommended to have your 2 on 1 become a 2 on 2 or 2 on 3. Our experience was due to the cold market nature of the people you are presenting to, one bad apple could turn off the rest. ONLY if booking them to a formal Hotel presentation should you group them together, and in that case, the more the merrier!

Android app on Google Play

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MLM University Training its Been Too Long Since I wrote

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MLM University Training

Well, I was just sitting here thinking it has been too long since I wrote an MLM Training article, so figured I should take the opportunity to write my thoughts on MLM Training.

Recently I have started to have a lot of interest in our 2 Day MLM University Training Format we offer to our existing MLM Software clients.

I think FINALLY the industry is coming back around to good technique and practice vs. hype and hyperbole. This is GREAT news.

I learned of the MLM University Training format in the very first MLM company I was a distributor for. They deducted a training fee off of our first 4 checks to cover the $250 training fee at the time. I thought this was the dumbest thing a company could ever do.... Wow was I wrong!

Once I had finished paying my $250 fee, and keep in mind this was 13 years ago, I couldn't wait for the next MLM University to begin, as I knew I had already paid for it so I could go! I wasn't hating the mandatory deduction near as badly anymore...

The format was very cool. Their were 2 corporate trainers that switched off segment by segment. The corporate trainers were high ranking distributors within the company, not hired gun outsiders. It was a 2 day event so a Saturday and a Sunday. Usually there was a Black Tie Friday evening event for those who qualified by some sponsoring type of contest leading up to the MLM University event.

The two days of training was a combination of deep dive on the commission plan, deep dive on the products, and a whole bunch of general mlm training and objection handling. The training also got into Goal Setting and List making along with approaches etc. FANTASTIC.

The creative thing about the whole concept was, the Corporate Trainers as they were called were flown in, and put up in a hotel at the companies expense, and paid a $2000 each stipend for doing the training.

This was not a public thing, but once you advanced far enough in the company, they started to bring you inside and suggest you may want to become a trainer. You had to have earned real money in the company, and had to have the respect of your group while doing so to qualify.

In the first few MLM University Trainings they did, there were not any corporate trainers, so they had help from some qualified outsiders, and that was the springboard to gain interest of leaders to be trained to become MLM University Corporate Trainers.

At one time the company had MLM Universities going every single weekend all over Canada and the USA.

I remember my goal was to have over 1/2 the room in my down line. The last MLM University the company did I had 82%!!!! The power of mlm training and the power of goals!

It had such an amazing impact on my MLM career that I have been saddened over the past 6 years that most clients just didn't seem interested in taking on such a format of official training.

I am so pleased that now this is not the case and many more clients as well as non-client companies are starting to adopt the old proven principles of MLM University style training once again!

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Google Adsense Works Over $20 today, Learn How!

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If a client is brand new and we are just getting content and SEO stuff set up, we like to monetize the effort by doing a few things in preparation for Google to find the site, and once it does start sending traffic to it, we can monetize it with Google AdSense.

The first thing we do to please Google, as a lot of the goal is to PLEASE Google, is we set up a blog on blogger that contains the same key words as our chosen domain. In the case of our latest client we set up we then write introduction entries and kind of like a play by play of what we are doing in order to get some things indexed by google that link to our target domain which is in the end, will then link to for membership and more information specific to the clients offers.

We spread links liberally in this but keep it valuable information. Feel free to see what we mean by going to to see what we mean.

The next thing we do as we actually upload the site, is to install a SiteMap Generator script onto our site, and to Verify this sitemap with Google Sitemaps. We have no confirmation that this gets us listed faster with Google, but we like to think so as it is once again about pleasing google so using as many google tools as you can has to help, right?

Finally we do get AdSense onto the pages intially in a totally UNRESTRICTED format. As we are just starting with Content rich site, we are not worried about feeding our competition at this point, rather we are interested in Pleasing Google and generating a bit of money in the process. Again we don't know for sure, but giving Google Adsense the heads up on your new site, sure must give them some incentive to index your site as soon as possible so Google can start earning money off of you, and you can start earning off of Google. Seems a mutually beneficial process!

Now, the strategy is a bit different if we are dealing with a deeply seated site in google for a client, as is the case with (notice we refer to sites by domain names, giving them all important link ins should our blog entries be useful to the masses and they feel like they wish to link to them)

With established sites, we take a look at the webstatistics for the site and identify the biggest traffic pages, then evaluate if the pages are core to the sites customers, or additional content rich pages, not directly involved in the sales process or recruitment of client process. We then put Google Adsense onto the pages that are high traffic, yet not critical to a clients decision making process as we do not wish to fatigue the client with ads.

Once we have our Google AdSense placed, we start to once again give play by plays in our Blogger Blogs, as well as our B2Evolution blogs on site. We write them slightly different but post in both locations. We mention URLS that we have added Google AdSense to so our posts create traffic to the sites, and possibly the people looking find something they like from our clients site mentioned like and if not, then possibly some interest in a Google ad and click it.

Now we are ready for the next phase, ELIMINATING our competition. We will cover this in the next phase of the Google AdSense Blog entries.

You can check out the progress of our case sites: (you will notice ads on the blogs, but not on main pages, and ads on training) (depending when you go there, you will see ads on all pages, or restricted depending on where we are in the process.

If you felt this tutorial was useful, please digg it, and feel free to link to it and write about it in YOUR blog!

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Google AdSense Tutorial to Ensure it Makes YOU Money!

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Do you want to make some money from your site? (monetize it) Are you afraid of Google AdSense cause you think it will have your traffic redirected to competitors?

Does the idea of earning money while you sleep with Google AdSense interest you?

I would like to share with you in the next few blog entries how to use AdSense and the way

Consulting Ltd. is currently utilizing Google AdSense both for INS and on behalf of our clients like

which is the SEO site for the Membership site currently under construction at:

The 1st Step to Google AdSense is to pick a site, or a page or two on your site, or make a new site that gets enough or will get

enough traffic to warrant adding Google Adsense. Then you need to go to Google and Register for a Google AdSense Account. The

process is easy, but it does take 48 hours or so to be approved. Once you are approved it is simple.

The 2nd step is to do some of the great tutorials int he Google Adsense account area to familiarize yourself with the process of

creating Google Adsense code to paste into your site.

The 3rd step is to paste the code block into your site, but be careful here as you do not want to distract your customers.

The 4th step is to ELIMINATE the competition!

What INS did on its own site that sells both Email Marketing Software and MLM Software as well as

Affiliate type Membership software was we put Google AdSense on our blog pages, as well as high traffic but not main product

pages. While we will earn less money by not monetizing our main pages, we feel it is worth it to keep our clients focussed.

As INS has an extensive FREE MLM training section, we did put Google AdSense on those FREE MLM Training pages. So far it earns

us a few dollars a day and we are just getting started!

The thoughts of which pages to put things on are up to you, but we like to do similar steps depending on where a client is in the


We will share more with how we decide which pages to monetize and which to leave doing their job for getting our clients new clients in the next blog entry.

In the mean time, check out the sites we have been working with lately and see if you can find the Google AdSense ads and understand why they are on some pages, vs. not on others. (you will notice ads on the blogs, but not on main pages, and ads on training) (depending when you go there, you will see ads on all pages, or restricted depending on where we are in

the process. (you will see ads on blogs and select pages, but not on all pages)

If you felt this tutorial was useful, please digg it, and feel free to link to it and write about it in YOUR blog!

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