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The biggest myth!

You can build a huge organization using purchased leads and an Auto Prospecting System!

We are of the general opinion that buying leads is an extreme Last Resort method of building a large MLM organization that can often lead to more heartache and wallet ache than financial success.

Lets think about lead generation for a minute.

How do the Lead Generation companies generate leads to sell to you?

Well, first of all, they usually only sell Business Opportunity leads as these are the easiest to get paid for. They are also very generic to generate meaning they can be sold to any MLM company or distributor.

As a result, Business Opportunity leads are usually generic leads generated for the generic concept of someone looking to make some extra money with a Home Based Business. That's if you are LUCKY and you are buying quality Leads!

Of course you will not know till you buy them, by which time it is too late.
Lead generation companies generate leads with online advertising, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) advertising in Newspapers, Magazines and even radio and television ads at times.

So if they are doing exactly what you would do if you didn't buy leads from them, how do they make money?

Advertising and lead generation is not a linear relationship. This means that if you can generate 10 leads with $100 in advertising, it doesn't mean that $10,000 in advertising will only generate you 1000 leads.

Often bigger ads in more mainstream magazines and publications will generate far more leads per dollar spent than simple weekly newspaper classified advertising. Lead generation companies utilize big budgets and connections to tap into this higher level advertising. This in turn brings down their per lead cost, allowing them to profit by selling them to you for the price that seems competitive when you compare it to what you may pay per lead by placing your own local newspaper advertising.

How crazy can this scaling of lead generation be? I had heard a rumour that one group pooled their funds and spent more than $20,000 for a one page ad in O Magazine ONE TIME but generated over $100,000 leads. No confirmation it is true, but even if it is 1/10 of that, it illustrates the point very clearly. Generating your own leads is more cost effective than buying them if you have a big enough budget!

Now things get even worse. After all these leads are generated, they are sold the first time as super exclusive and expensive. Worst part is, you do not often know what kind of ad they ran to generate them, so often the leads are already thinking you are a scam just due to how they were advertised too. Often a week later, or days later, the leads are sold again as not so premium, and then a few days later sold multiple times as non premium and non exclusive.

So what does this mean to you? You better call ever premium lead you buy IMMEDIATELY or you will be in competition with many many other folks.
But it gets worse.

Often people who fill in forms and respond to such Lead Generation ads do it en masse! That means they fill in tens of forms, or maybe hundreds getting onto a lot of lead lists. This means even though the lead company you purchased the lead from is selling it is selling it as exclusive, there are many other lead companies potentially doing the same.
Once again, the solution, CALL THEM QUICK!

The savings grace in the whole purchasing leads world, is most people buying leads are lazy or too busy, or not paying attention. This means if you do have the time to take the abuse and call all your leads, you will likely be the only one to enroll folks.
So what is the better way?

You will have to tune in tomorrow as this topic is getting toooo long already!

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