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I am guessing by the title you have figured out the solution to Buying leads versus Lead generation when it comes to having success with an Auto Prospecting System..

Advertising Co-Op is the way to go. It isn't as easy as just buying leads, but then nothing worthwhile is ever easy, RIGHT?

If you run an Ad Co-Op or are lucky enough to belong to an MLM Company that runs one on your behalf and lets you partake in it, you my friend are on the road to riches.
You see the predominant difference is, if you are running an ad co-op or involved in one specific to your company and products, you will get a much higher quality of lead.
This is because the Ad approach can be much more specific to the advantages of your company and products rather than the generic Shot Gun approach the Lead Selling companies are forced to use.

So what is an Ad Co-Op?

An ad co-op is simply when many members contribute a small amount of money each month that gets pooled to place smart advertising to generate leads.

Done properly an Ad Co-Op will generate these leads directly into a FULL Featured Auto Prospecting system that will do the heavy lifting for you.

What does that mean?

Well, if you have ever purchased leads, even expensive ones, you have likely had the unfortunate experience of calling 100 people, taking a lot of abuse, spending a fortune on Long Distance, and ending up with 2 or 3 new members or product sales at the end of it.
If you bought cheap leads, you probably didn't even have this positive of an experience.
A properly done Auto prospecting system is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of the approach Lead Selling companies are using. They make more money by having lots of leads to sell, so they have very open ad campaigns encouraging people to give their information to Get Rich or retire, or whatever approach.

With a properly done Ad Co-Op and Auto Prospecting system, the approach may be similar, but before they ever get to fill in a form and give up their information, you will put them through a sifting and sorting process to see if they qualify.

We like to call this Exclusionary prospecting, vs. Inclusionary prospecting.

This simply means that a properly done Auto Prospecting system will make all the tire kickers go away and not give you their information. You will have WAY FEWER LEADS to chase around.

Sounds bad doesn't it.

Well, here is the good news. If you had 1000 people go to a properly done Auto Prospecting System, you may end up with 25 good leads. You would likely enroll 50% or more of them.

So you would have 25 leads to call who are already familiar with what you do, have answered survey questions to show their intent, and are literally waiting for you to call them as they are interested!

Compare the same scenario to Lead selling companies. They get 1000 people to their capture page, they are trying to get them ALL to give up information and they have told the prospect literally NOTHING. So they may get 250 leads that they then sell to you.
Here is where it gets fun. IN that 250 leads are the same 25 good leads, that will lead tot he same 12 or 15 folks enrolling in your company or buying products. The ugly part is, you have to call 250 people to find them!


So myth number 1, I can get rich buying leads and calling them. BUSTED.

A properly done Ad Co-Op linked to an EXCLUSIONARY Auto Prospecting System will offer considerably better chance of success than simply buying leads.

So next we will get into Myth #2, the concept that you hear what we are saying, SORT OF, and decide the way to go is buy leads and stick them into a good Auto Prospecting system and then you can watch the sales happen and the money roll in.

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