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Dennis Wilson's Training Section

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Hi, my name is Dennis Wilson.

Welcome to my MLM training section. I hope you can learn from my mistakes!

I will post to this Blog daily or so. I will sometimes just put up really cool motivational stuff, and other times very practical life learned training information on how to build a monster MLM team!

I began in the Industry in October of 1996. I, like many, did not listen to anything I was told. I figured I ran my own business in real life, so I would show these guys how to do this business! My only saving Grace was that I read a lot of books. Those books described the unteachable like me.

After about a year and a half of doing it "My Way" and as I like to say, “Failing Forward”, I started to follow the simple systems that I was being taught both by those involved before me and the many books I read. I will recommend some books here and there for you as we go.

I would never tell anyone that I am the Guru of Network Marketing, quite the opposite, in fact I am learning more each day now, than I did when I started. I can tell you a lot about the things that I did that both worked as well as the many many many things that didn’t work.

Whether you decide to take my advice or not is entirely up to you. Where possible I will include Statistics from my experiences. I have tried just about everything!!

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