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Use Second Life to Explode your MLM team while having Fun

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No joke, there are an unlimited number of potential prospects joining Second Life daily.

Learn how to do things right and you could certainly find a few of them who would like to be on your team.

Want to learn how?

Well it is going to take an investment. The great part is, it is only an investment of time. If you have High Speed internet and a reasonably recent computer, you can enjoy the benefits of the amazing community called Second Life.

Step 1

Click here to get your FREE Second Life account to get started.

Step 2

Go through the orientation in Second Life, reserve about an hour to get it all figured out!

Step 3

Come to the INS campus and find the INS MLM Training Institute. Go to the second Floor by teleporter or flying, up to you!

Step 4

Watch the powerpoint presentation that will speak to you by text as well on the right side of the second floor, it will teach you the ins and outs of Second Life Prospecting

Step 5

Spend an hour a day in Second Life exploring, Having Fun, and Prospecting!

Simple enough? Once you get into Second Life, Instant message me In game and I will add you to our group so I can help you along! My name in Second Life is Ins Watanabe

I look forward to seeing you there, and once you IM me, I will have a special set of gifts for you!

Get busy, have some fun, get with the New age!

Click here to get your FREE Second Life account to get started.

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