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If a client is brand new and we are just getting content and SEO stuff set up, we like to monetize the effort by doing a few things in preparation for Google to find the site, and once it does start sending traffic to it, we can monetize it with Google AdSense.

The first thing we do to please Google, as a lot of the goal is to PLEASE Google, is we set up a blog on blogger that contains the same key words as our chosen domain. In the case of our latest client we set up we then write introduction entries and kind of like a play by play of what we are doing in order to get some things indexed by google that link to our target domain which is in the end, will then link to for membership and more information specific to the clients offers.

We spread links liberally in this but keep it valuable information. Feel free to see what we mean by going to to see what we mean.

The next thing we do as we actually upload the site, is to install a SiteMap Generator script onto our site, and to Verify this sitemap with Google Sitemaps. We have no confirmation that this gets us listed faster with Google, but we like to think so as it is once again about pleasing google so using as many google tools as you can has to help, right?

Finally we do get AdSense onto the pages intially in a totally UNRESTRICTED format. As we are just starting with Content rich site, we are not worried about feeding our competition at this point, rather we are interested in Pleasing Google and generating a bit of money in the process. Again we don't know for sure, but giving Google Adsense the heads up on your new site, sure must give them some incentive to index your site as soon as possible so Google can start earning money off of you, and you can start earning off of Google. Seems a mutually beneficial process!

Now, the strategy is a bit different if we are dealing with a deeply seated site in google for a client, as is the case with (notice we refer to sites by domain names, giving them all important link ins should our blog entries be useful to the masses and they feel like they wish to link to them)

With established sites, we take a look at the webstatistics for the site and identify the biggest traffic pages, then evaluate if the pages are core to the sites customers, or additional content rich pages, not directly involved in the sales process or recruitment of client process. We then put Google Adsense onto the pages that are high traffic, yet not critical to a clients decision making process as we do not wish to fatigue the client with ads.

Once we have our Google AdSense placed, we start to once again give play by plays in our Blogger Blogs, as well as our B2Evolution blogs on site. We write them slightly different but post in both locations. We mention URLS that we have added Google AdSense to so our posts create traffic to the sites, and possibly the people looking find something they like from our clients site mentioned like and if not, then possibly some interest in a Google ad and click it.

Now we are ready for the next phase, ELIMINATING our competition. We will cover this in the next phase of the Google AdSense Blog entries.

You can check out the progress of our case sites: (you will notice ads on the blogs, but not on main pages, and ads on training) (depending when you go there, you will see ads on all pages, or restricted depending on where we are in the process.

If you felt this tutorial was useful, please digg it, and feel free to link to it and write about it in YOUR blog!

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