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MLM Survey Application Live for Android on Google Play! FREE Leads!

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Free Leads? High Quality MLM Leads? Could it be true?

Well it all starts with, "Excuse me Sir/Madame", do you have 60 seconds to answer a few Questions?"

Yep thats right, as long as you have the Guts and the Time, you can generate EXTREMELY high quality Leads, AS MANY AS YOU ARE WILLING TO WORK FOR!

This simple application was built based on a Street Survey I with my team a number of years ago on the Streets of Vancouver, BC, Canada at the corner of Burrard and Georgia street, the busiest Street in Vancouver!

This application comes from the personal experience of Dennis Wilson who built a few large MLM organizations before ending up in the MLM Software and Auto Prospecting System business as a partner in Consulting Ltd.

The instructions are based upon REAL Life experience and doing this survey for an entire summer from 7:30am to 9:00am in the morning Monday to Friday, June to September on the busiest street corners in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He saw his income go from almost nothing to around $10,000 a month in this period using this survey technique.

Here are some hard earned lessons:

  1. DO NOT say “Do you have a minute”, say it as it reads, you will have 90% less agree to take your survey if you say a minute vs. 60 seconds. Nobody believes a minute is a minute!
  2. Do NOT break your 60 second promise. Do NOT get chatty. Do the survey, set the appointment when you get one, and MOVE on, there are more meetings to book if you don’t dilly dally talking to people who are interested.
  3. DO go to the street corner that is busiest in your city wearing a Suit and Tie or appropriate female business attire. Golf shirt and Dress slacks reduced the number of folks agreeing to be surveyed by 50% when compared to wearing a suit and tie. YES we tried and tested it as Suits are horrible on a HOT day, BUT they WORK better!
  4. DO go in pairs whenever possible and stand one on each side of the sidewalk directly opposing each other, if the Street side person can have a car parked behind them, EVEN better. Making folks run the gauntlet so to speak increases your survey count dramatically.
  5. Women ALWAYS book more appointments then Men!! Sorry guys, ugly reality. Best is a woman and a man pair on the street!
  6. DO repeat the same street corner for AT LEAST 5 consecutive days, preferably 2 weeks. Many will finally stop on Thursday or Friday saying, “Ok, just what is this all about you guys have been here for a week now, I just have to know!”
  7. DO stay off private property as the security guards WILL come and complain if your heels are on a big office towers property!
  8. DO check your local laws to make sure you are not breaking them doing a simple survey.
  9. DO NOT take product or samples while doing the survey
  10. DO NOT give any information about the company or products when booking the appointment, just keep saying you have to get as many surveys as you can done, and you will answer ALL their questions at the meeting.
  11. DO NOT run OVERTIME on your meeting, you promised an HOUR. No matter how interested they seem and how much they want to linger, tell them after 45 min you have to get ready to go as you have another appointment coming in 15 min. or you have to get to another appointment soon.
  12. DO always do a Balanced Professional Business Presentation, showing a little pain about the state of the world and average peoples income and life experience, your company, the MLM industry, your products, your compensation plan, AND leverage! Your company should have an approved presentation for this purpose to use.
  13. Do try do book a presentation whether 2 on 1 (BRING YOUR UPLINE) OR Hotel or Group Presentation vs. sending them to a website or some other “simpler” way of doing business. You will be rewarded handsomely for doing this business in a proper relationship forming manner as your Competitors are NOT.
  14. It is NOT recommended to have your 2 on 1 become a 2 on 2 or 2 on 3. Our experience was due to the cold market nature of the people you are presenting to, one bad apple could turn off the rest. ONLY if booking them to a formal Hotel presentation should you group them together, and in that case, the more the merrier!

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