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So this topic of Commission Plans is a big one.

Here is a truth of MLM. Regardless of the commission plan your company uses, your job as a distributor is to make sure you learn how to explain it simply, quickly, and efficiently. Use grade 7 level language so your prospect understands what you are talking about.

Melaleuca probably has one of the most difficult to understand MLM Compensation plans in North America. In unskilled hands it would be a nightmare to explain.

The good part of Melaleuca's compensation plan is that if you know what you are doing, you can explain it quite simply. Know that your prospect doesn't care about all the nitty gritty details right off the bat. Don't take 4 hours to explain it in the beginning. There are other compensation plans out there almost as difficult as Melaleuca's but they all seem to share the same quality. You can explain the basics quite simply.

For example, in Melaleuca it is a 5 x 7 Matrix with a lot of over ride bonuses. Wow, sounds simple. Yes, it can be made to sound simple. You compensation plan may be exactly the same. Find a way to explain it in simple language that is truthful and not misleading.

If the prospect asks about the over ride bonuses, tell them about them in very general terms unless they ask for more information. Take the lead from your prospect. If they ask detailed questions, give them detailed answers.

With this approach you will find most of your prospects don't want deep details, they can get those once they are involved in the business and getting trained. But, by always letting the prospect lead, the engineering types you may present to can also come away satisfied not thinking you are withholding the secrets of the company.

Read your prospect and present simply first only going into detail where detail is asked for and NEVER EVER exceed 1 hour for your initial presentation.

If you go over the magic 1 hour time limit, expect to hear the following, "Well, it all looks great and I appreciate how someone with all the time in the world like you can afford to drive across town in rush hour traffic to meet me and spend 3 hours talking to me, but I simply just do not have that much time, so I guess I can't do this business, sorry!!"

It is true. KISS - Keep It Simple Silly

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