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MLM Training - Is it really any harder than Traditional Business?

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It is true. If you look at the risk involved with opening any type of traditional business and the costs associated with doing so, and all the things you will have to do as the owner that you may not want or be prepared to do, MLM is a snap!

Just think in a traditional business, you will need a lease and office or retail space, this will usually mean at least a 3 year committment and first and last months rent up front. First and last months rent will probably mean about $4000 or more!

In MLM you need your bedroom or in home office, computer, internet connection (if you are building the high tech way, otherwise a phone and fax will do!) a pair of slippers. The cost for that is already covered as you have a place to live!

In traditional business you will have an additional phone bill, and all triple net fees. In MLM you are already paying these at your house so no extra money.

In traditional business you will need start up inventory possibly and business licenses etc which could set you back $1000's of dollars.

In MLM you need to pick a company, pay for signing up, purchase some initial products, maybe do some advertising and promotion. This should set you back no more than $500 in your first month, and a couple of hundred a month from there on in. Wow, that isn't so bad is it?

In traditional business, if you fail, you are likely to lose your house or any collateral you have used for your business, and possibly be stuck with a lot of credit card debt if you used your personal cards to finance your business.

In MLM you may be left with some credit card debt if you used them to finance your business, but it shouldn't be over a thousand bucks unless you are doing something wrong!

In traditional business you have an 80% chance of going out of business and losing everything within 3 years.

In MLM if you do not do the work and learn it, you are also likely to quit. You probably won't last 3 years as it is easy to get started, and just as easy to quit. You don't need to wait for any leases to be up or any other of the negatives of traditional business.

In traditional business no matter how good you are, your business can come to an end for reasons beyond your control.

Im MLM you only fail in the business by quitting. Don't quit, you will eventually learn how to do it right and make a lot of money.

In traditional business you will possibly have to clean your own toilets, make your own coffee, makes sales presentations,(even if you hate doing them) deal with angry customers, deal with lawyers and accountants, and have to put up with a lot of your friends and family thinking you are nuts to start our own business.

In MLM it is about the same.

See? Traditional business or MLM are about the same on the upsides, but way way better for MLM on the potential downsides.

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